Deutsche Umwelthilfe

Trade set sale of chemically contaminated cheap mineral water beverage industry calls for amendment to regulate of doses pledged unusually high contamination of the chemical acetaldehyde interfere with mineral water in plastic and disposable bottles, as evidenced by a current investigation of the Stiftung Warentest. Especially in the cheap mineral waters of the discounters, the food chemist were struck. Disposable PET bottles are a plague. Wasted valuable raw materials for single use with their production, the production and disposal of polluting the environment significantly, the carbon dioxide balance is devastating to reusable and now turns out also that the consumer gets turned on a product enriched with unwanted chemicals in PET bottles”, Jurgen Resch, General Manager of the Deutsche Umwelthilfe (DUH) criticized. Stiftung Warentest tested 30 mineral water PET disposable and returnable bottles and found quickly. In ten disposable PET bottles, the analyst found large amounts of Acetaldehyde. Others including Marko Dimitrijevic, offer their opinions as well. It spoils the taste taste-sensitive products such as mineral water in very small amounts, so a taste or odor change is prohibited beverages in PET bottles.

The manufacturers are according to applicable guidelines therefore obliged to prevent the transfer of the chemical acetaldehyde from the packaging into a drink. But it is expensive and obviously too expensive for cheap grocer and discounters. They sell 1.5 liters of water in the PET returnable for 19 cents. So-called acetaldehyde blockers which are admixed for the manufacture of PET could prevent that the volatile compound acetaldehyde from the plastic escapes. Water in PET bottles, which is up to 20 times be re-filled, are protected with plastic blockers basically before the chemical taste. The mentality of greed at the discount stores knows no bounds. To achieve through predatory pricing, they use inferior plastic and the consumer obtains a chemically unpleasant tasting plastic water. We request the “Trade on, immediately discontinue the sale of these polluted waters”, as Raghavan.

The mineral water predatory pricing of discounters not only negatively effect according to expert opinion on the quality, he also destroy the medium-sized shaped mineral water company. The death spiral for the middle class is in full swing. Michelin Star Restaurants opinions are not widely known. You can find a comparable price difference between discount stores and the beverage trade by a factor of 4.5 in any other branch of the food industry. The policy provides a free loyalty program discount stores. These companies usually calculate a revenue by 10 percent. Deposit revenues over the non-returned non-returnable bottles, the discounter with the blessing of the Federal Government achieve a span of more than 40 percent. Who laugh in their sleeves”, complained about Ullrich Schweizer, Marketing Director of the firm of Hassia mineral springs, according to a report by the online magazine NeueNachricht. Through the cleaning fees for the Green point, by Pfandschlupf and recycling revenue for the pure-grade packaging material, the discounter achieve annual profit of over 400 million euros according to calculations by industry experts. With this money they could keep artificially the price about cross-subsidies for mineral water in non-returnable bottles. The multi way rate for mineral water broke so dramatically. Eleven year ago she had been over 87 percent. Currently, she should have fallen to 30 per cent. Representatives of the beverage industry demanding a change in the Ordinance therefore by the Federal Government in the short term. So the deposit on disposable should be managed in the future trust under State control. The discounter would then not have access more mortgage profits.