Eyes Dark Circles Beauty

When I started looking for a solution for dark circles under the eyes I thought it would be easy to find something that really worked. I tried several products, only to end up empty handed. As you probably know that there are some products out there to camouflage dark circles, others are topical lotions to place under their eyes. All that offer very little improvement. The question is? Why? Why are these products applied to your skin offer very little help? The answer I found was simple, but very misleading. The problem is set in another part of your body and the solutions are inexpensive if you have the right information (more on that in a minute). First, we must face the fact that some of the products on the market are shameless fakes and scams, products designed to make your money life empty handed and feeling cheated.

But I do not think of myself as difficult to satisfy, but paying $ 90.00 for a cream that produces this result is simply a waste of your hard earned money. This shows that the products offered to cure dark circles only treated the surface of the skin and not the real problem. So you’re probably thinking that by going directly to the professionals could sort it all out and give an honest solution. Do not be so sure. I did exactly that and more I asked the more confused I became. Almost every respectable professional that I spoke to gave me different answers: some told me that dark circles are hereditary, while others argued that the only solution is laser surgery, which were those who believed that dark circles are caused by allergies, some ignored of the problem and simply blame lack of sleep, and I could go on and on.

When I asked dermatologists and cosmetic physicians about how to remove dark circles, one of the responses received the majority was that dark circles can only be removed through laser surgery. When investigate this version seemed more an unpleasant truth. The fact is that laser surgery is in fashion and cosmetic doctors are making huge profits performing these procedures to remove dark circles. A simple case of dark circles can cost several thousand dollars. No wonder most of these professionals recommend this treatment, how could recommend something else when we know that these procedures bring money by the truck load. This really made me furious, I consider this unethical and misleading and so should you. The other problem with surgery is that at some point they produce undesirable results, burning of the skin, scarring and discoloration are some of the complications caused by surgery eye lid.