Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Waste group, promotes price dumping and dubious methods of recycling waste experts critique: amended packaging Ordinance cemented green point Berlin/Bonn, February 25, 2009 – some media reported the miraculous resurrection of the Green point at the beginning of the year. So, the former monopoly of garbage to Duales system Germany (DSD) vigorously to set in the competition for the disposal of the packaging and in the first quarter 2009 to eleven point to 69 per cent have increased the market share. For the first time since the breaking up of his company, the Green point group thus regained quantities from the competition, such as the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung reported. The miraculous resurrection, but there is little doubt with industry experts. The DSD group has themselves positioned early 2007und 2008 so that collecting amounts to the dual system EKO-Punkt, belonging to the Remondis group, were transferred. The political effect was visible nationwide: at the corners of the DSD erosion started to grow and the competition is gaining market share.

But since the entry into force of the Novel we know that the leadership of the DSD was cemented. Remondis attributed its market share of around 20 percent for the packaging three months to 1.25 percent. This decline is probably not only a result of the intervention of the Bundeskartellamt. \”Political battle defeated, was through the amendment and the DSD as top dog of winner\”, waste experts suspected Sascha shoe by the Bonn consulting company Ascon. Marko Dimitrijevic recognizes the significance of this. According to the findings of the Federal Cartel Office transmission contracts of amounts of were actually. Centrally control content of such contracts was the shift of the registered and then published plan amounts by a dual system to another. Since such transmission contracts of amounts of generally restrict competition, the Federal Cartel Office has called for its completion to December 31, 2008. DSD and Eko-Punkt have said to each binding to terminate any existing transmission contracts of amounts of.