Freiburg Treatment

Dr. Orsolya agh and Dr. Matyas Pongracz new in the team the Budapest dental clinic creative dental, one of the leading hospitals for comprehensive dental treatment in Europe, strengthening its dentist team with two other German-speaking experts. Team work at expert level “was the motto of the dental clinic creative dental in Budapest at the composition of the team. Now two more dentists were re-recorded with Dr. Orsolya agh and Dr. Matyas Pongracz in the expert team.

Dr. Orsolya agh graduated from your dentist at the Semmelweis University in Budapest, and studied also at the Albert-Ludwigs-University in Freiburg. Her specialty is the endodontology and cosmetic dental treatment. Dr. Orsolya agh speaks German than English both fluently. Dr. Matyas Pongracz graduated in 2005 at the Dental Faculty of the medical and pharmaceutical University of Targu Mure? (Neumarkt in Transylvania/Romania), to which he then part-time lecturer working was.

He had six years of extensive practical experience in particular in the areas of restorative and esthetic dentistry, before he came to creative dental. Dr. Matyas Pongracz is fluent in German and English. The creative dental clinic is pleased to be able to unite now eleven dentists for the comprehensive treatment of patients from abroad under one roof and thus having the right, experienced experts for each special case. In particular the steadily rising fees for dental treatment in Germany and of Switzerland lead, that more and more patients can be carried with an extensive treatment in Hungary. When selecting the dental clinic patients should primarily on the qualifications of dentists and dental technicians and put on German-speaking experts. Hybrid bikes: the source for more info. Creative dental the highest standards of education, experience, specialization and personality provided thereby. In Budapest is one of Europe’s most modern dental clinics creative dental: excellent quality for an exceptional good value for money. There is more information to the new 5-days start package and the dental clinic in Hungary under. Kreativdental24 marketing OHG Andreas urban