Generate Traffic

To earn money on Internet basics and more importantly generate traffic already is to your blog or website… Without traffic simply don’t exist is that simple. If you are one Internet users who has a website and does not come to giving expected results both with generating traffic and making money online, let me ask you these questions did you know that the success of a website or blog are now in your own hands? Did you know that with a simple Ping of your post, you could generate tons of traffic to your websites? Did you know that pinging you could place your website at the top of the search engines? Now you must be wondering what is ping and that is?. Don’t worry, acontinuacion will explain.? ?? First which is a Blogging: A blog is a simple blog or a website that consists of entries or posts, this can be composed of text, pictures or even videos and audios. This if it can compare with a newspaper or magazine on the Internet. Blogs can be of information personal, can be of news, views, stories, reflections, recommendations, etc. and everything you want it placed.

As opposed to a web page that is static blogs are constantly updated with new content. Some blogger updated or added content on a weekly basis, another 2 or 3 times a week, while others make them on a daily basis and up to publishing more than twice a day; and that’s where you see the difference from one another in the positioning of your blog in the search engines. The blogger who adds the content all day will have one great advantage over the other that adds each week, which finally leads to a better positioning and a greater traffic to their blogs. Pinging: A Ping is simply a signal sent from one web server to another to verify its existence.