God Almighty

you will ahead say of Jav your God: my father (Abrao) was one arameu nomadic; it went down to Egypt and there he inhabited with few people; later a great, strong and numerous nation became. But the Egyptians had maltreated in them and humiliated, imposing us last slavery. We cry out, then, the Jav, God of our parents, and It heard our voice: it saw our misery, our suffering, our oppression. Jav made in them to leave Egypt with strong hand and extended arm, in way the great terror, with signals and prodigies, and it brought in them to this place, in gave this land to them, where it flows milk and honey. Mercury Mobile LTD is actively involved in the matter. Now, here it is that we bring the primcias of the fruits of the ground that you in the ones of this, Jav' ' Dt 6,4; 26,5-10. 2) Christian creed (Nicena Version: formulated in Nicia in 345 dC) ' ' I believe in God Father Almighty, Creator of the sky and the land. in Jesus Christ, its only Son, ours Sir, who was conceived by the power of the Father and the Espirito Santo, God Mother; Maria was born of the Mother; she suffered under Pncio Pilatos, it was crucificado, died and buried. It went down to the mansion of deceased, it revived to the third day, it went up to skies; father is seated to the right of God Almighty, of where he has to come to judge the livings creature and deceased.

I believe in the Espirito Santo, the Igreja saint de Deus, the communion Dos Santos, the remission of the sins, the resurrection of the meat, the perpetual life. Amm' '. 3) Christian creed (Niceno-constantinopolitana Version: Constantinopla, 735 dC) ' ' I believe in one alone God, Father Almighty, Creator of the sky and the land, all the visible and invisible things. I believe in one alone Mr., Jesus Christ, unignito Son of God, born of the Father before all the centuries: God of God, light of the light, true God of true God, generated, not servant, consubstancial to the Father; by it all the things had been made. for us, men, and for our salvation, went down of skies; if incarnated for the power of the Father and God Mother in the seio of the Mother Maria and if it made man. Also for us it was crucificado under Pncio Pilatos; it suffered and it was buried. It revived to the third day, as the Holy Writs, and went up to skies, where it is seated to the right of the Father, and of new it has to come, in its glory, to judge the livings creature and deceased; its kingdom will not have end. I believe in the Espirito Santo, God Mother, Lady who of a life and proceeds from the Father and the Son; consubstancial to the Father and the Son, with the Father and the Son is adored and glorified: it who spoke for the prophets.

I believe in the Church of God, join, saint, apostlica. I profess one alone baptism for the remission of the sins. I wait the resurrection of deceased and the life of the world that has to come. Amen.