There are few occasions in which the elderly are, for reasons that were, completely excluded from the lives of their grandchildren, especially where takes place the breakdown of the marital relationship or couple between the parents, or if either of the two had died. Increasingly greater extent come courts recognizing the central role that grandparents play in the lives of their grandchildren, starting to be cases in which rights of visits on the grandchildren against parents themselves of such small attributed to them. How to resolve the dispute between grandparents and parents before the courts? When some grandparents pursue actions before the courts by their inability to maintain contact with their grandchildren, it is for the Court assess all circumstances and present interests. It will take this into consideration opinions and points of view of all those involved, and even the children themselves if they had sufficient capacity to express it freely and coherent (a generic right to be heard from certain ages is recognized in) those matters that might concern them). In this type of litigation prevailing interest which is always taken into account is the own minor, and usually understood that is always within the same count with his grandparents for their obvious positive influence on their development. Indeed, grandparents are, by their life experience, a benchmark for small ones, as they have pointed out the courts.

Thus, except that relentlessly serious and justified reasons why one might think that the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren could be detrimental for the latter, there would be no reason to put obstacles, therefore the process of the establishment of a regime of visits which ensures that it can develop properly, even with the opposition of the parents. Trying to prevent the issue from going into older all experts agree on the need to avoid such unpleasant matters to come before the courts. Find intermediate solutions, such as mediation or alternative dispute resolution formulas between parents and grandparents, as they could be the previous meetings; It will always be the right thing. Usually behind these situations is given a breakdown of lines of communication between different generations. Therefore, resetting them misunderstandings, you could delete allowing a solution to the conflict which avoid the traumas that entails any proceedings before the judge and fostering intergenerational reconciliation.