Green Dream

We wait to be contributing for the magnifying of the problematic quarrel around ambient in the Land division the Green Dream, until then not argued in academic works, and of the necessity of if preserving the local reality guaranteeing its support. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: Ambient education, Environment, Ambient Degradation, Urbanization. INTRODUCTION We live a time where the man has modified of sped up and negative form its relation with the nature. In intention to guarantee the survival, as well as getting profits in face of a new partner-economic conjuncture, politics and of an extremely capitalist society, the man passed if to appropriate of the geographic space of irresponsible form, disrespecting the respect and the cares with the environment. In this uninterrupted process, many ambient impacts had been appearing and to each day they are if expanding, bringing disastrous consequences for the proper humanity. Amongst these problems we can cite the disordered urban growth, the ambient pollution, the deforestation, amongst many others that if find interelacionados. This culture of ambient exploration is in this way, coated of an anthropocentric conception where the individuals if appropriate of the natural resources in proper benefit, understanding erroneamente the nature as inexhaustible source of wealth.

The ambient problems are, in this perspective, argued and analyzed in the search of a solution, directed so that the nature ahead continues benefiting the man of its interests. World-wide, it has disastrous evidences of as the individual throughout the centuries transformed the environment causing situations many irreversible times. In if treating to the Brazilian reality specifically, it is excellent to stand out that since the available primrdios of the settling, environment and natural resources it has suffered, for being Brazil a colony of exploration, benefiting the interests of Portugal and a posteriori, of other European countries that had come here in intention to explore our wealth. Amongst these and other facts, are depressing that the concerns around the environment alone have acquired international ratios only from the decade of 1960, when the humanity started to face the exhaustion of the natural resources and to perceive the increase of the pollution generated for the increase of the global population.