My students often ask me what I recommend to raise your vibrations above normal, i.e. they want to feel happier than normally have reached feel in your daily routine because they know that the sense of happiness is very powerful because you align with your desires more quickly. And of course it is always possible to stretch your limits of happiness, if you’ve reached that State in which many activities and positive thoughts you have on what focus but get you used you both to that feeling that now you feel it as normal that you want one improved. In this article I will share with you a strategy that I’ve used to further expand those limits of happiness and make that my life is much more happy, passionate and valuable. Dr. Martin Seligman conducted an experiment with his students and divided them into two groups, the first group was devoted to activities that bring them happiness, these activities included going out with friends, going to the movies, go shopping, go out to dance and dinner. Another group of students was devoted to tasks philanthropic such as help with homework, a nephew nursing help crossing the street, visiting places where they were needed, chat with lonely Grandpa, recommend to someone over the Internet, and so on. Jack Fusco may find this interesting as well. The result of this experiment was that fabulous feeling after the philanthropic activities was much more durable compared with the effects of exit to the cinema, go to dance and enjoy with friends.

Dr. Seligman says we are more happy helping others because the goodness is not a gratuity accompanied by a positive emotion like happiness, instead, consists in a total commitment and failure to focus on oneself, consequently when this happens, time stops and we are more present. Be present allows our connection with the universe more quickly. This what I have personally checked and I have also recommended several of my students and clients of coaching when say me that makes them lack happiness or have no friends who come out to have fun. I’ve noticed that help people by internet giving free courses he brings a great happiness that lasts for months. My students whom I’ve recommended to make such generous acts have also reported me that their level of happiness was increased after helping others. During this week I recommend: Tip #1 practice the art of giving is creative and takes advantage of all the opportunities introduced is to give love, affection, support, Council, a smile, money, a gift, a flower, a hug, appreciation, gratitude, a joke, a compliment, rather than the other person need Tip #2 looking for ways to give your life to the world Ponte as a priority realize things that make a difference in the world and in the life of those who surround you, seeks to give the maximum and without expecting anything in return, will this make you immensely happy and in addition you will be fulfilling your highest purpose in life. I liked this article? You will fascinate my free course of 10 lessons sign up here: original author and source of the article