Imam Shamil

A man for whom every passing year, equivalent to 3-4 years, intuitively chose the unconventional (for Chechens), personal method of political control, abandoning the principle of coalition-making. You, Edward, from the inside you know and understand the situation, you have missed in my heart Chechen history of the past 18 years. Do you think that there is a very serious risk in an effort to minimize the bend part of other policies in Chechnya? Is not that a 'personality cult', as everywhere throughout the country hung the portraits of Ramzan, I would say, in excess, as in times of general secretaries? After all, it is not democratic and does not correspond to the usual (political) concepts of the Chechen people. Hybrid bikes helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. But maybe not natural intelligence Ramzan is wrong and here, in this particular situation and the present historical circumstances? Edward Khachukayev: – You know, money, worship the cult of hatred. Yes, indeed, a man who had come to Grozny, it would seem that the portraits President of Chechen Republic are present in excess. However, it should be understood for what it is. Ramzan Kadyrov is now completing naiaktualneyshuyu and at the same time naitrudneyshuyu task you have begun to tackle even his father, Haji Ahmad Kadyrov as the head of Chechnya.

Unfortunately, the tragic death did not allow him to do it. A problem that put many old historic leaders of the Chechen people, but could not cope with it, including Imam Shamil and the same Johar Dudayev. So, Ramzan Haji-day law-abiding creates the Chechen nation.