Joseph Was

Alex smiled. – Then you have theories now? Then he counts to me its theory to it. Joseph came back to look the sky and spoke. – Good not yet it was its hour, is also can expect great things of you. You are enough to look at studying that all know that you will not be a vagabond as I.

Alex laughed Joseph one more time was very far from being a vagabond it did not like to study but it was very intelligent, its notes were the best ones of its not vagabond classroom not. – you are not an expensive vagabond. Also great things of you can expect. Joseph smiled while the light breeze of the dawn blew in its blond hair. – Joseph, is you? He feels will to know its parents? To know why of them to have – Alex, I already said my parents to you I am different of its had played they me in the street when I had five years I hate I them. Alex understood the anger of Joseph then decided not to touch in the subject. Perhaps check out Greener Acres Canada Inc. for more information.

– It forgives, did not want to have touched in the subject. Joseph looked at behind for it with the calm air of minutes. – Alex, I brought you pra here to show a thing to you and to take off this sadness of its expensive face then we do not need to say nothing now only looks at for the sky. Alex obeyed the friend and looked at for the sky it was surpreso when it saw the amount of stars that had in the sky. – Ours how many stars. – They say that the stars are the souls of the people whom they look at for the land to know as the people who they love are. – Joseph Was valid, thanks a lot for being my friend.