Last Generation

Do do do do Cirprotec, l? der in protection? n against lightning and surges, presents the range V-CHECK 4MP, the solution? final n for the protection? n permanent surge (increases of power? n of tens of volts that gives? does an electronic computers? do nicos, will reduce its life? til causing over-consumption). Do do do do v-CHECK 4MP, fruit of a strategy for innovation? n constant, is an innovative product and? nico in the market, which? na quality, high performance, f? cil installation? n and tama? or reduced. New V-CHECK 4MP shield stands out for having a technology? superior measurement, RMS reading (which allows a c? do spreadsheets m? do exact s of the tension? n network, increasing reliability), and a system led which indicates the status of the guard at all times. Do a necessary surge protector permanent (as indicated by the REBT), for l? neas triph? less amperage than 63 A Basic. Does the new range causes the firing of an auxiliary system (do coil of emission? n) and composes it 3 m? 70ns + IGA (do switch General Autom? tico) from 20 to 63 a..