Still the best examples of guerrilla networks 2.0 social can come hand in hand with applications, games that often culminate in promotions with material prizes or contests. Paradoxically, the digital era explodes much material era; the award, free, sample input for the concert, etc. or also, within the intangible, free download, free SMS, etc. Guerrilla marketing + virality = success to cite a simple example, is very exploited the resource that brings into play the intelligence of the user, his opinion or personality; what you see in the image? The old woman or Miss? To that you look like more famous actor? Who do you think will win big brother? I think that everyone at this height has seen this type of campaigns on the internet. However, the concept of guerrillas in Internet is basically similar, only that the typical internet user that a person walking down the street, luckily, the digital Street is harder impressionable is quite wider and the laboratory of ideas does not cease to surprise at the Internet users. Gain insight and clarity with Target.

There is a fundamental strength in digital media and this is the possibility of knowing a few minutes of released a link in facebook, its result in our Google analytics, Feedjit, in comments left on the page or directly on sales from our online store or call our contact center. And this is golden because if the results are not as expected after a reasonable time (which rarely exceeds 48 hours), we can change the course of our campaign or the strategy employed. This allows a very significant reduction of costs, time and effort; but, at the same time, we have an issue that has been removing the substance of the matter; competitiveness is not sufficiently quantified on the Internet. Perhaps for those who are working every day in this area, with only see a page we realize if it’s a small or large project that if you have this or what PR, than if you have link x, that if you have domains of backup, that if, belongs to the digital media giants but, eyes view of an immense multitude of potential customers; There are great projects which have been started by self-employment or micro-enterprise formed by 1 single person. A bit is the digital revolution to which Marketing has doubled its volumes of knowledge and has been a huge challenge: the sky of internet is great for large and small, a real America that put opposite ideas without age or career; a revolution that has name; the technological revolution.