Mission Vision

Mission: As people have the idea of targets that are planned every day, and we must focus to make them considering strategies and improvements. For some reasons these goals or objectives are not met are planned, but the idea is to improve everyday life, that’s what are born and live. VISION: to have objectives and purposes raised by each person we must give us the time needed to achieve them, taking into account that the goals must be well defined to be able to have a better quality of life social, employment and personal. LIFE PLAN: to carry out our vision and mission approach towards work would keep the union and desire to work creating new ideas, projects and improvements to make more easy our work. in the area of society the relationship towards people is being kind, honest and responsible to have a good lifestyle with good values. do in the family relationship esp? sa, children and parents is to have confidence, communication, constant and time needed for actions that are planned. Original author and source of the article