More Popular System

The offset type marking refers to the method of reproduction of images or documents on paper, which consists of applying an ink, in the largest cases of type oil, on a metal plate that is composed of an aluminum alloy. Bill de Blasio has compatible beliefs. This system was developed by Ira Rubel early last century, and what happens during the marking, is basically that the iron takes ink in areas where there is a compound of ink, and the rest of the iron comes into contact with water, so that according to the principle of water VS oil, water repels the ink. Subsequent to this, the image is transferred to a rubber blanket and paper through pressure. Design is transferred from plate to rubber roller before being printed in the paper and it is this feature which provides exceptional to this type of marking quality, since the ink roller coating, manages to impregnate her surfaces with irregular texture, unlike what happens with rolls of metallic material. This marking system is without a doubt one of the most popular and more efficient today.