Words and directions relative. The physical determination of space velocities, is mathematics. Thus relativity is invalid. 21. When a body has all its mass concentration at a given point every movement developed in the domestic and external with regard to its atomic drive. Can be identified more easily. 22. For even more analysis, hear from Debbie Staggs.

The motion of the center of mass of a rod us represents a parabola proffers which it is defined as the locus of points in the plane which are equidistant from a fixed point called the focus, and a fixed line called the directrix. 23. The mechanical forces of the universe are coordinated with all the areas of time with given projection into space. 24. Space is a derivative of movement and time derivative of human consciousness. For this reason we apply the conscience given time. Ie the clock.

But the real time and continuous, is one of the studies pertaining to reason philosophical. This can be verified if we observe that the space and movement are material, while the time is a phenomenon of consciousness. So when we have no clock, it is difficult to estimate the accuracy of the time in which we live. Which is why we go to the artificial time or die. Ie. the clock. February 2007 Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo 25. The matter to be composed of atoms have energy levels higher than the chemical stability of antimatter. For this reason the transforming principle attracts bodies. This force is what we call gravity. Being is composed of pure thought.