The economy of all Andean societies had their search in the realization of human in harmony and balance with all the elements of life, or with everything that exists; on the contrary the Western development always focused on the individual and in which everything that surrounds the human being becomes object of exploitation and manipulation. In the domination of things his argument before the contradiction of its development is based on the use instead of instrumental rationality that shows us Horkheimer. The clearest example we have the term terrorist, which is an adjective and that for which there is no epistemological definition in the theory of law, but which is nevertheless used in unethical way by all courts in contravention of all forms of due process. Because its sole purpose is to counter the rise of the liberation movements economic, political and territorial, many of them in defending their autonomy and protection of natural resources, to the depredation of the transnational covered by the world gendarme as the are the United States of North America. They are two different and conflicting visions between thinking neoliberal Vargas Llosa, must say by their peers in the Academy Award-winning Swedish, and practiced for centuries in the communities in our territory; It should be noted also, descendants of Hispanics have ingrained and created his own Republic and been, it called to which Peru. In our territory developed cultures far superior to the Westerners who were developed in Europe in the 15th century and following, because while European cultures in their search for prey and annihilation of everything what is opposed, so they can survive, although it is necessary to do reference some elements taken from the Roman and Greek cultures to try to appear as civilized; but in fact they are not, are as the hosts of the Huns that swept its territory..