North Pole

Ray Palmer, based mainly on the book of Giannini, introduced this theory in the December issue 1959 his magazine and, as a result of this, he maintained a voluminous correspondence on the matter. Adds us addition p the indicated source, according to Giannini and Palmer, Vice Admiral Byrd announced in February, 1947, before a supposed journey of 2,750 km. through the North Pole: I would like to see further than the Polo ground. This area beyond the pole is the center of the great Enigma. Giannini and Palmer also said that, during his alleged flight over the North Pole in 1947, Vice Admiral Byrd reported by radio that he saw beneath him, not snow, but areas of land with mountains, forests, vegetation, lakes and rivers and between the weed, a strange animal that looked like a mammoth.

Also, always according to Giannini and Palmer, in January 1956, after directing another expedition to Antarctica, Admiral Byrd had stated that his expedition had explored 3,700 km. further than the South Pole and, moreover, just before his death, Byrd told land more beyond of the pole that was one happy continent in the sky, land of permanent mystery. That land, according to other theories, was the legendary city of the Rainbow, cradle of a fabulous lost civilization. For Giannini and Palmer, the remarks attributed to Admiral Byrd did more than confirm what they had always suspected: that the Earth has a way strange in poles, something like a doughnut, with a depression that, either sinking many miles in the bowels of the Earth, or form a giant hole that passes through the axis of the Earth, from one pole to another. Given that, for geographical reasons, it is impossible to fly 2,750 km. Beyond of the North Pole or 3,700 km. Beyond of the South Pole without seeing water, it is logical to think that Vice Admiral Byrd must have flown into the huge convex cavities of the Poles, within the great Enigma of the interior of the Earth and which, if it had continued, would have arrived at the secret base of the UFOS that belong to the hidden super-raza, Perhaps the legendary city of the Rainbow that Byrd would have been reflected in the sky.