Pet Care Resort

Below, we have classified the best hotels for pets worldwide: 1. More information is housed here: WhiteWave Foods. Pets Home in Colombia located in Chia (Cundinamarca) population on the outskirts of Bogota found Pets Homes. With the slogan a magical world offers your pets accommodation full of tranquility and love for animals. Account with the hotel and daycare services, activities of socialization, training and Agility exercises. And very nice rooms (kennels) for each animal, individual, comfortable and with a special temperature so that they do not feel cold or hot. 2 Hotel for pets in Mexico hotel is located in the State of Morelos in Mexico.

A hotel that offers your pet comfortable facilities with indoor rooms, private, ventilated and 1.50 per 3 metres to rest and for fun, have an outside cage with garden, plants and games for your recreation. It is a safe hotel, since it has all the vigilance so that your pet cannot escape. 3 Best Friend Pet Care Resort in Disney World located in Florida, United States, the Walt Disney Company has created a unique luxury pet hotel. It has 4,600 square meters to accommodate more than 300 animals for one night. A hotel dedicated to the care of dogs, cats and even smaller animals such as rabbits and hamsters. Featuring rooms with air conditioning, TV, orthopaedic beds in private patios, a water park and special attentions.