Public Accountants

Will be the accountants aware of how important and powerful which is a tool such as Excel in your hands? Answer the question. Add to the response, it is difficult to find a good course in Excel. Need to then create a strong impetus that will effectively make that accounting professionals look at the Excel beyond what makes a calculator and that they concentrate a little more on learning. Excel practically puts everything in your hands for easy tasks. The same DIAN uses Excel to create the tax prevalidador and other tools that offers taxpayers as the ayudarenta.xls file. Such applications can be created by any professional, such as a certified public accountant, for example. And it isn’t difficult, because every time the world of systems is getting closer to users.

The accounting professional who dominates the macros in Excel almost laughs at all the adversities. The dark side in this issue is the pressure at which a public accountant faces daily, since it does not allow that is focus or pay attention 100% when confronted with a tool such as Excel. Unfortunately the counter was accustomed to be quenching fires instead of preventing them. Not stagnate learn to use Excel prevention, logistics, organization, implementation of new techniques are methodologies that must be developed to achieve success. A drawback of some is that evident problems in understanding reading or lack of attention. Also there are some professionals who became accustomed to a wizard to make them even the most minimal changes to a picture in Excel. Alejandro Quiceno, certified public accountant, has detected aspects that must be attacking mentality change met Excel management expert and creator of areas in which only hold the same establishing the image of the importance and necessity of dependants and are not willing to accept revolutionary methodologies as that provides Excel, because means losing your job, or lose their audience.