Reduced Land

it will Ser measured for linear meter (m) of drill of concrete executed and accepted for the FISCALIZATION, as its diameter; As requested load tests will be measured separately, as foreseen in contractual spread sheet; PROP STRAUSS DEFINITION: The props of the Strauss type are molded ‘ ‘ in loco’ ‘ , with relatively simple and efficient process. The perforation is executed with the aid of a sounding lead, called ‘ ‘ piteira’ ‘ , with the partial or total use of recoverable covering and posterior Concretagem of the foundation in the place. ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES Advantages: Simple Execution; Low Cost; diverse load Capacity and dimetros; Disadvantages: cannot be executed below of the N.A. Concrete of low quality (fact by hand). Much proceeding mud hollowing.

slow Execution. Learn more at: Jack Fusco. CHARACTERISTICS OF PROPS STRAUSS the main characteristics of Props ‘ ‘ Strauss’ ‘ they are: Reduced trepidation and, consequently, little vibration in the neighboring constructions to the workmanship. Possibility of execution of the prop with the projected length, allowing quotas of arrasamento below of the surface of the land. Easiness of locomotion inside of the workmanship. It allows to confer during the percussion, by means of withdrawal of samples of the ground, the carried through sounding. It allows to verify, during the perforation, the presence of strange bodies in the ground, mataces and others, making possible the change of location before the concretagem. Capacity to execute props next to the verge to the land, thus diminishing, the eccentricity in the blocks. Execution of props with capacity of 20 ton, 30 ton and 40 ton. EQUIPMENT FOR EXECUTION OF PROP STRAUSS Consta of a wooden tripod or steel, a connected tow-car the engine the electric explosion or, one sounding lead of armed percussion of valve in its inferior extremity for land withdrawal, a socket with approximately 300 kilos, lines of steel tubing, with elements of 2,00 the 3,00 meters of length, you screwed between itself, a manual tow-car for withdrawal of the tubing, beyond sheaves, handles and tools.