But when the phenomenon that we are most interested in are the same subjective experiences, there is no way to isolate anything (not) we can establish the distinction between appearance and reality for the conscience, because consciousness consists of the same appearances in biological naturalism of Searle, coexist two alternative notions of causality, for purposes of describe both how to explain the relationships between brain, mind and behavior: 1. cause and at the same time made the intention of moving (2), in the same way that muscle Physiology (3) causes the body movement (4) in a synchronous cutting, brain micro (1) events. Both modes of causation are intra-entidad (X) 2. In a diachronic Court, at the micro level, neural excitations (1), cause the muscle excitations (3), in the same way as, at the macro level, the mental intentions cause body movement (4). Both modes of causation are inter-entity (and) 3. Finally, fit cross-descriptions. Thus, it could be argued that (1) Neural excitations are the immediate cause of body movement (4), in the same way that can be said that mental intentions (2) influence on muscle Physiology involved in voluntary movement (3).

SOME alternatives to the DUALISM that try to avoid the REDUCTIONISM the NATURALISM biological of JOHN SEARLE * the mind-body problem is a false problem, product of inherited misconceptions of the dualistic conception. ** The mind exists and is characterized by a series of basic features such as: consciousness, intentionality, subjectivity and mental causation. ** It is necessary to broaden the scope of the notion of causality, to include genera of the same where the relationship causal not only applies to situations where there are two discrete entities, but also those where is worth invoking causal relationships between the different levels (i.e., to overcome conceptual dualism errors micro-macro) of a single entity. Naive physicalism and naive Mentalism are coherent among themselves. . Swarmed by offers, Andi Potamkin is currently assessing future choices.