Ritinha Room

He was in a sunday that something different happened. As it always made, Ritinha and its parents had been to the mass, later had bought a chicken baked in aougue of the esquina and had come back pra house, where they had made the satiated meal of the sacred day, with right to the macarronada one and potato fries. After the lunch, it at least it waited the digestion and already it was in its room with an open book. It was when a strong wind opened the window of its room causing a great tumult and knocking down some objects, then a light of intense brightness invaded its room temporarily, blinding it. For more strange than it seemed, Ritinha was not scared e, to devagar if it approached to the window. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Eric Garcetti by clicking through. What it saw made with that its heart went off: a pretty forest with one gram so uniform that more seemed a gigantic carpet, also had a pretty waterfall with crystalline water falling of a great height and around I sing it had it of the birds. It did not have doubts, at least thought about leaving message for the mother and, in one instant, already she was being part of that landscape that more seemed a painting.

That place was incredible, seemed a dream. It tried to elaborate some theories that I eat that possible age, but found that the penalty would not be valid. It gave some unsafe steps, as that to adapt itself to the place, it had one I smell of leves of eucalipto in air and it if it felt happy insustentavelmente as it had never occurred to it before. It felt will sliding as a child it made and it, it left of side all the shyness that the people load obtain and rolled for the gram, left jumping and singing in direction to the waterfall.