RSCU Created Female Rugby Team

On the basis of rscu in cooperation with the Moscow club "Glory" is created female rugby team-7. Everyone is welcome students of our university! Training will be held in the gymnasium of the department of adaptive physical culture (AFC) at st. , 24, on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 20.00. In the future we plan to workout at the stadium "Glory." On the women's rugby, we were asked to tell the trainer-consultant of the future team, a member of the team Russia rugby-7 Natalia Selyutina. – Natalia, tell us how will be held the first workout? After all, will come to you girl, it is not familiar with rugby. – Indeed, the team starts from scratch. So first we will develop techniques in the hall, to get acquainted with the tactics of the game. By the power struggle will come gradually.

With a team of experienced trainer will work Rafael Yakubov, playing for Russian rugby-7, and then coached Dynamo Moscow. – Probably the most asked question for you: it is no secret that rugby pretty traumatic sport, not harsh if it's for girls? – Injuries happen, but no more than a handball, basketball, and women in fact engaged in these sports. For example, before I became involved rugby, I was involved in athletics. So, I say that if injuries I have had more. – Will the team take part in competitions? Of course! In the long term Championship of Russia among the universities, then Student Universiade in Kazan. And in August, we can take part in the Moscow Championship Rugby-7 women's teams. In addition, there is a remarkable tournament for beach rugby memory Stas Petina, which takes place every year in the Silver Forest.

The beach rugby from each team plays at 5 players. – What is the level of women's rugby-7 in our country? In 2008 we took the bronze at the European Championships, qualified for the World Cup, which was held in Dubai last year. Level there is very high, we won 11 seats out of 16 teams. I think this is a good result. – What would you want to say to girls who want to engage in rugby? – The game is very interesting, I never Life would have thought that it might drag on so much. Like after the World Cup to finish his career, but could not. I very much want to speak at the Olympic Games in 2016 in Brazil and at the same time to prepare a successor!