Russian Championships

Artyom – seventeen first-year student srsues faculty service. Now he already has the first adult level in powerlifting and is a candidate for master of sports. In late April, Artem in regional bodybuilding competitions took second place, qualifying to participate at the Russian Championships, held in Krasnodar. Junior, he finished second among boys the same – the champion .Kak reports, competed in the tournament the best athletes of St. Petersburg, Moscow and southern Russia and Siberia.

Artem long way to victory and got it. Now, his new goal – to win the world title, as well as upon completion of university studies to become chartered and demanded spetsialistom.Artem live in a small village quarry bodybuilding competitions with thirteen years. Junior athlete adheres strictly to a healthy lifestyle and does not allow itself deviate from the established regime. The most important thing for an athlete – constant training and a balanced diet. He was sure that only faith in their abilities and hard work necessary to help him win another victory.>> 'Strong-Atlet'