Russian Valuev

Valuev is in great shape boxer weighs only 143 kg. For comparison, a two year old fights Valuev weighed 147-154 kg, while in a fight with Chagaev – almost 145. Recall Ruslan Chagaev recently defended his title against Matt Boxing Skelton. Nikolai Valuev said he is now actively sparring. According to him, he picked up great sparring partners, which had had no. (Source: Jack Fusco). Russian has promised to enter the ring renewed. Recall after Chagaev defeated Valuev as its head coach Manvel Gabrielyan sacked.

In his place, Valuev found a new coach – Alexander Zimin. Valuev himself and his new coach promised that Russian boxer significantly change your style and will be unrecognizable in the ring. Not be ruled out that the shape of a boxer influenced physical training and strength exercises with a barbell. Fight Valuev – is extremely important for both ex-champions. We can confidently say that this is one of the few, if not their last chance to really compete for the title. After the defeat in a battle to break into the leaders once again will be very difficult, because now the competition in the heavyweight division increased significantly – there are new young as American and Slavic boxers.