Schlager Party

\”The new sampler – the new hit parade the Schlager party of the Megastars of the new hit parade of Megastars Schlager party\” the great new music format at RTL II in cooperation with EMI and universal. This is pop for the twentysomethings to Endfunfziger. DJ otzi, NIC, Anna Maria Zimmermann, Markus Luca, Olaf Henning, or Axel Fischer here meet Claudia Jung, Howard Carpendale, Brunner & Brunner, Karel Gott and of course Helene Fischer. The three broadcasting 2 hours show (25 to 20: 15, Nov 18:00 and on December 31, 2009) Prime-time on RTL II are the product in the top chart ranks transport safely. \”Release date: 23.10.2009 Source: EMI music more info on press release: the new hit parade here is food, here is the new hit parade\”! The new hit parade\”premieres with Claudia Jung, Christian Anders, DJ otzi and other stars of German music successfully in 1969 and 2009: Karel Gott writes the new music history with his performances at the old and new charts Hit parade\”on Sunday, October 25, 2009 at 20:15 and Saturday, November 7th, 2009 at 18:00 on RTL II Munich, 14 October refreshingly different.

The new hit parade\”by RTL II makes you want again to German music. Music legends make new discoveries, industrial chic meets flower power, fans on the stage and stars to be touched. . The new hit parade\”breaks with stereotypes and shows how greats such as Karel Gott and new talents as young and full of life, such as Frauenarzt & Manny Marc to experience. \”On October 25, there’s the new hit parade\” with all highlights from 20:15 on RTL II! the new hit parade \”is the new fun-mile of German music. Here are the stars, here are the fans, here is the party. Last Thursday the new TV show set a milestone in German music: 20 years after the legendary charts-watch the countdown one last time, brought RTL II, around 20 stars and the hosts of Aleksandra Bechtel and Jochen Bendel German music back to the television.