Secret To Happiness

Then the secret of the happiness is to persue what it is loved, although as it says Andrew Corentt to define it accurately can be quite complex because we are subject to a great amount of beliefs that limit to us and generally more we are worried about to satisfy our same society, parents, pair, etc. That. The reality is then the form in which the mind processes the information, soon creates the universe and immediately we experienced as it through our senses, several people observe a dog and the experience feelings are totally diverse, somebody that was attacked with a dog, will be able to undergo fear or wrath, if another person it does not like the dogs, perhaps is to him indifferent, another mistress the small dogs but of size and that the fact to observe a simple animal we see as every one creates its own reality and emotions. The dogs always have been there, it wants if them to experiment in his life then bsquelos it brings and them to his life, soon any experience in the life are equal, wish to be industralist, painter, poet, writer, want a property, wish to have financial freedom, Then etc. focuses all their attention on their desire, it puts all their energy in which wants, it looks for what loves with all forces and true ardent desire and you will create that reality. In order to experiment what perhaps it wishes must work in form ordinate, with defined goals good, concrete plans, all the goals are not as simple as to buy a dog but it does not concern the size of its goal, if have thought you it then can obtain it. Now it analyzes slowly, it is satisfied with its present life? , it has desires that have not been able to materialize? If you are in the route that is giving to then satisfactions congratulations him, follows there, mantngase constant until their desires are materialized totally.