Shiva Helmut

To achieve it, the person goes a long spiritual journey, during which he is however not withdrawing in the solitude of a cell, but learns that all material and expression of fine stofflicherer energy to understand and to master. So, he finally reached a State in which it can recognize the highest truth free of illusions. To get there, it uses various means. Working with mantra and mudra is body and soul on the target. Read additional details here: Aker BioMarine. Symbols such as Yantras and Mandalas illustrate the principle as above, so below”, so the reflection of the macrocosm the microcosm.

The system of chakras (energy centers) and NADIS (energy channels) in the body as well as its continuation in the subtle space through meditative practice is supplemented by visualization of deities, or divine principles and more intimate association with them. Here we meet again in the ritual sexual Union, by means of which the duality above were between men and women can be. Inside the human body, the feminine and maternal Kundalini energy is collected in the abdomen. It is represented as an image of a snake rolled-up. When the Kundalini is awakened, it rises along the spine of the chakras, until they are finally in the top chakra, Sahasrara, combines the with Shiva, the masculine principle. Then is a perfect unity of all duality: starting from the bodily and mental well-being. This experience is accompanied by a great happiness and highest insight into spiritual contexts. Therefore many people aspire to awaken the Kundalini in a not dangerous goal: without previous inspection in necessary purification, the energy released by Kundalini may cause strongest physical and psychological side effects.

In Buddhism, the Tantric teachings of Hinduism in large part was taken over. Goal is liberation from all suffering, by greed, envy, and hatred is created for the benefit of all sentient beings. The idea is that every human being already contains the perfect whole, but not aware. Through concentration and control physical and mental energies it now need to clean the mirror”to come, what changed the view on the knowledge. It aims to learn more and more pleasure in everyday life, without this however as in a hamster wheel constantly chasing after. Besides daily consistent exercise, this great honesty of the Tantric student requires himself to. It applies to differentiate basically two things: I’m asking for a certain pleasure, dominate him but by I authorize it only under certain conditions? Then I have a lot to learn. Or actually no longer do I need a certain pleasure, can wholeheartedly enjoy it but if it falls to me, and then again to adopt? In this case, I’m on the right track. Gudrun lame further information: Helmut bollard