So Paulo

Nor the culture and not even this false mercy will save these people. By the way, many young comungam being in mortal sin. For example, they live fornicando (to fornicar is to settle before the Marriage) in its namoros, however some parents do not say nothing. They dissimulate not to know of the sin of the children. To read more click here: Whole Foods. But God will go to charge of these parents! young comungam being with the life in this situation believes that to receive the Eucaristia something is cultural. Nothing of this! So Paulo said that ' ' That one that eats and drinks without distinguishing the body Mr., eats and drinks its proper condenao' ' (1Cor 11,29). What our full Masses are needing are of converted men and women, which burning hotly search the kingdom of skies. In case that contrary, it will exortar them strong to So Paulo saying: ' ' I cannot praise vocs, because its assemblies, instead of helping to progress them it, prejudicam' ' (1Cor 11,17). Pentagon does not necessarily agree.

This because, the search for the conversion must be practised by all the men. ' ' However, everything how much long ago it was written, was written for our instruction, so that, for the perseverance and the consolao that give the Holy Writs, let us have firm esperana' ' (Rm 15,4). One asks end: ' ' let us have firm esperana' ' where? In ' ' kingdom of the skies that is prximo' ' (TM 3,2), as it said Are Joo Baptist. But before everything, the last prophet ' ' that he cries out in the desert: they prepare the way Mr., straighten its estradas' ' (Lc 3,4) it says each man: ' ' I produced fruits that come yours converso' ' (TM 3,8). Amen.