Social Media

Today, the media, we learned about breaking social networking "in contact". From the comments of Mr. Popkov, the founder and co-owner of a similar social networking site Classmates is cracking occurred on the fault users of social networks "in contact". Let's try to look dispassionately at the situation. Who is to blame, who proshlyapil. According to the statement of Mr.

Popkov hacked by users, like how they left their similar to icq passwords and hacked them first icq, then learned that they are also users of social networks "in contact", and then they create a database of 130 000 people and put them on the internet, for Why? To crack icq 130000 users need about 100,000 hackers to point to track each user and to hack his icq. So Mr. Popkov's not blaming the rights of users of social networks "in contact" is that they set the same password for all of their account's. y shows great expertise in this. Of course security icq much weaker security social network "in contact", but to get 130,000 email and password, no fool, and hackers Fools will not work no point collecting such a database, it is easier to break the site "in contact" than breaking 130 000 000 Acequia, even if just to think logically. Of course blame the social network "in contact" Mr. Popkov will not be – it stone in his garden. Now let's see, what it represents social network, first decent fees, I would say very good royalties only from advertising, while classmates at all horror, soon even the entrance fee will do paid, and then went to the site. With such huge profits gentlemen did not think the co-owners worry about safety of users, why, when the cereal is dripping, and we have become accustomed to seeing database of pension funds, traffic police and so on. Like and there is no crime that has replaced the password changed account as a gift, but no, now go SMS-ki, you are so lucky you won the recorder, Kinh me by 5 bucks and I'll call you now contact details fall into the hands of swindlers, spam – it is a trifle, what to do with such data crooks know they will not miss the chance to use them. And then here you can continue to think out who is interested is to overturn the favorable social network "in contact, probably another social network, I wonder what?