Solar Systems Yes

Roofer master Michael Philipp informed about solar systems famous people give a new image the ecological consciousness such as Leonardo di Caprio and promote solar roofs. Except for personal use for the climate, there is another reason for the own solar roof. It provides not only the House power but it is also still a savings plan. After it has decided for a solar plant, one wonders how this works. There are two different types of solar systems. The one for the electricity the photovoltaic technology, where by solar cells which modular are mounted on the roof, the House electricity is generated. On the other hand, there is the solar baths. These collect heat energy and redirect it into the heating system of the House.

Solar Baths are very inexpensive compared to the solar cells. For the power supply of homes with solar energy systems to be secured, they remain connected to the local power grid. The advantage is also that power too much is produced which fed into the local power grid can be. The next question is what a roof requirements so that it can be converted to a solar roof. Every homeowner can install a solar roof, as they are subject to any special form of approval. It is rather the technical requirements which are responsible for ensuring that a solar roof may or may not be installed. The roof of the broadening should be ideal way have a tendency of 20 to 60 degrees, South point and does not lie in the shade, this applies to both the solar thermal and photovoltaic technology. If there is for example a four-person household water Spa should be six square metres in size. While at the solar-power system the size can be determined regardless of the captive, since unused electricity into the local power grid is fed, resulting in even more light in the budget book. An area of ten to twenty square meters is customary for a solar power plant. The roofer master Michael Philipp is this advisable you to experts like the Dachdeckerei Philipp because of the installation should be taken over by solar roofs always of special lists, because the single elements consist of highly sensitive materials.