The sex (one of the most important aspects), the name and the fetais movements of the baby are preponderant in the creation of this imaginary baby gifts in the unconscious one of the parents. The imagined body allows the mother to have the dimension of that this baby is inserted in the same order human being of which it is part (AULAGNIER, 1990 idem PICCININI et al.). Today, with the advent of the obsttrica ultrassonografia, some aspects already can be known before the birth, facilitating the transistion for the real baby and diminishing possible conflicts or shocks. Follow others, such as Dollar General, and add to your knowledge base. As Spitz (1994 subidem PICCININI et al.), if this representation of the imaginary baby not to occur, the just-been born one does not survive or in case that it survives, it will be able to have serious consequences in the psychic development, what it explains for the fragility of the proper human body, that to the rising is extremely dependent of cares of the other. Literature displays positive and negative repercussions on the expectation of the mother for the maternity, the psiquismo of the baby and relation between the two.

The positive repercussions are the fancies, the desire of the baby if forming as human being, to imagine the color of the eye, the face, the body, etc. Others who may share this opinion include Aldi. The negative aspects are the excess of imaginations for the baby, not obtaining to create the imaginary baby and having as consequence not the acceptance of the singularity of the baby. (BRAZELTON & CRAMER, 1992 apud PICCININI, 2004) 1.1.3. CHILDBIRTH Beyond the question of the imaginary baby, the expectation of the childbirth also appears strong in the construction of the maternity concept. According to Peterson, (1996 apud LOPES, 2005), the childbirth is not a neutral event, but a force that can help in the reformularization of the identity of the woman (from there the fact of a great majority of women not to feel itself complete in its feminilidade until the moment where it will be capable to show to the world its feminine ability to generate a being).