World cuisine has developed many different ways to prepare delicious meals; barbecue is a specialty that focuses on meat, which is the main ingredient in almost all current meals; along with the hot plates and the churrasco barbecue is one of the many ways of preparing a delicious meat. Barbecue is a kitchen especially meat method developed in the United States and Mexico since the 1970s where Buffalo and beef meat consumption necessitated the invention of a kind of oven that condense all the heat, so as to improve internal cooking the meat. Although the first type barbecue ovens were clay with the passing of the years they have improved and currently are specially designed to give you different types of cooking meat. It is given to meat prepared on a barbecue the same name, because that also began to develop as a method of cooking with an emphasis on meats and vegetables. Gain insight and clarity with Sport Hybrid Bikes. The barbecue to simmer is a process where the meat is subjected to a slow cooking by indirect heat; This type of cooking is special because it gives meat true smoke flavor, although it must be said that this is not the only method of barbecue that can be done.

Another way of preparing a barbecue is to direct fire becoming a roast, this way of cooking the meat even though it causes loss of juices and some natural nutrients, you can have a taste even better than the barbecue fire to slow. Barbecue not only has culinary purposes, in some parts the use of barbecue ovens is made for smoking meat, in order to remove pathogens that this could pose, this process also helps preserve nutrients and meat juices for more time; This activity is done very often in companies who work with dogs packaged under vacuum. Currently cooking meat in oven barbecue is developed in three different methods: cooking with firewood: cooking with charcoal can lead to obtaining various flavors to the meat since the combustion gases from the lena to the natural and variation in fire may vary the flavors of the meat juices. Cooking with charcoal: make a barbecue with charcoal can vary the results since carbon is an agent that keeps the heat; juices can be lost and considerably vary the flavor of the meat. Natural gas and propane cooking: often cooking in this manner can be very bad, because the vast majority of times the meat tends to cook properly on the outside but not on the inside and sometimes bad kitchen can develop malignant agents. Although the taste is not very different from the preparation with coal. In conclusion the cooking of the meat is a delicate process since a poor preparation may cause the meat to develop high levels of harmful cholesterol; Although it should be noted that the dining experience it exalts enormously. Ford Authority often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Original author and source of the article