Highperformance Tires

Bus is the most important component that affects the stability of your car on the road. Before you begin, it is worth noting that the tires need to change not only when they are worn out. New and high-quality rubber is responsible for a powerful grip, so that the change it needs to suit your driving style. High-performance tires wear out much faster than all-season tires and they are much more expensive. In fact, these tires combine excellent traction for high speed driving and an attractive appearance. If you have a sports car, or you just want to start a tune your car, swapping it for old tires, then tires with a profile 40 or 45 is exactly what you need for an impressive appearance, but the purse will facilitate strong enough.

The smaller profile tire, the more expensive they are worth, so if you are not too expensive, you should confine profile tires with a maximum of 55. So What do all these numbers and letters? Let's look at what are all these numbers and letters on the side of your tires. For example, let's take a P 205/50V15: 1. The first letter, 'P', means – 'Cars' 2. The first number '205 'represents the width of millimeters. 20.5 cm 3. Be careful! The second number shows no length in millimeters or centimeters, as many might think. This number represents the ratio of sidewall height (also known as a profile) to the width.

In this case, the height of the sidewall is 50 percent of 205 mm, ie, 102.5 mm. 4. And now, the most important information: 'speed limits' This letter determines the maximum speed for which the calculated tire if they are not pumped and overloaded. The most common speed limit marking tires: Q (maximum 160 km / h) R (maximum 170 km / h) S (maximum 180) T (maximum 190) U (maximum 200) H (maximum 210) V (maximum 240 km / h ) Z (more than 240) W (maximum 270 km / h) Y (Maksimum. 300 km / h) Generally, the higher the speed rating of tires, the better the resistance to heat. This provides better traction and handling on the road during cornering, braking and acceleration. Speed limits give us a general understanding of the productive characteristics of tires. For example a family sedan needs a tire labeled nothing more than 'S', but Ferrari will use a bus marked 'Z'. It is worth noting that the low-profile tires rubber is more expensive, and the life of her much lower than that of ordinary rubber. 5. The last number determines the wheel diameter (in inches), which is mounted on the bus. For example, this tire can be mounted on a 15-inch wheels.