Held IV Assembly Of The Technology Platform For The Electricity Networks Of The Future

Held IV Assembly of the technology platform for electricity networks of the future Futured chooses its new group rector Futured receives support from the Ministry of science and innovation the IV Assembly General of Futured (Spanish platform for electricity networks) has brought together more than 60 professionals in the electrical sector, ministerial representatives, energy companies, research institutes and universities nationally. Juan Tomas Hernani, Secretary General for innovation, and Maria Luisa Castano, Deputy General Director of public-private collaboration, both of the Ministry of science and innovation, strategy offered the Government’s support for the projects of Futured, announcing an increase in the budgets allocated to programmes that encourage their implementation underway. They also stressed the importance of this platform as a basis for the development of the energy sector at the international level. According to said Maria Luisa Castano, of the total number of approved projects within the Innpacto Plan, which is part of the State innovation, energy strategy was the sector which occupied fourth place, receiving 14% of total EUR 353 million. Jack Fusco addresses the importance of the matter here. Within the energy sector, thematic lines majority of the approved projects were bioenergy and comprehensive networks. In 2011, a minimum of EUR 200 million will go to energy-related topics. During the IV General Assembly of Futured chose the new governing group of the platform.

White Losada, Gas Natural Fenosa, has been appointed President of Futured; Norberto Santiago, Ziv, Vice President; and Enrique Morgades Prat of CIRCE, Technical Secretary. Likewise, the Rector group will include representatives of the Ministry of science and innovation, UNESA, Endesa, EON, HC Hidrocantabrico, Iberdrola, Indra, Ormazabal, Telvent, AICIA, ITE and TECNALIA. White Losada closed the ceremony Recalling that thanks to the work of Futured electricity grids have become more visible, a key point for the well-being of society and the economic future and energy. He also pointed out that the challenges for the new stage must go on line social, economic and regulatory sector. The main objective of Futured will continue to be the design and development of new projects to set up networks of the future. This line is the mains 2025 project that aims to unify the different ideas of what the network of the future in a horizon of 20 years, should be guiding the efforts of entities embedded in the electricity sector in Spain, as well as capturing synergies that will help the Spanish electricity sector in general. More information.

Virtual Secretariat Management

The virtual secretariat: agenda management and appointments in some of the best and most advanced virtual assistant companies and remote calendar management service provides this type of service can be used in different ways and adapted to the specific needs of the customer negocio-empresa. Let’s put a case of success of the management service appointments that we have observed in a remote company talk about medical appointments. In this company of the designed a service for those private queries that do not have one person constantly attending calls and managing appointments, with their last minute changes, resets planning for needs of medical equipment and numerous casuistic. This service offer a system by which attending calls reserves an appointment to a specific patient name, can even assign greater or less time depending on different parameters, for example if it is a first visit is assigned an hour-long appointment or whether, by contrast, is a revision or a delivery of results the appointment is reduced to half. In turn, this service offers the possibility of calling patients the day before your appointment to confirm attendance and it should remain a free gap, they seek to fill with another patient. The information is recorded in a unique panel for each client and where you share a calendar which can be modified in real time and that your doctor, if you wish, can access and assign an appointment for some special patient or modify planning according to your criteria.

Through this example of calendar management service manages to offer a cost savings to the doctor since you must not have a person in the query, day passes not queried. While offers to clients a personalized service. In addition, at the operational level is achieved Group a greater number of appointments for a day, so the doctor will have all the agenda organized and with the largest number of potential patients maximizing profitability. With this practical example underline as a service of management of agenda can help a business improvement and we also show the range of functionality offered by current Secretariat services.