Brazilian TV For Fernando Grecco

Ironies of the Brazilian TV For Fernando Grecco ‘ ‘ Need imagines in possessions/I to wonder if you can/Em will be greed or hunger/A brotherhood of man/Imagines all the people/Sharing all the world ‘ ‘ (Imagines – John Lennon? 1971) It is irrefutable fact that the Brazilian television possesss one of the programmings more banal ridicule and of the whole world. Grotescas, loaded novels by an empty erotismo and without favour, take account of the noble schedule. Periodicals, the example of the National Periodical, of the Net Globe, nothing more are of what spokesmen of the elite, manipulating, modifying, creating notice in agreement solely with its interests of economic order. It is not different with the commercial propagandas. One strong appeal to the previsible mood is something sufficiently aborrecvel to who still withholds certain erudio. However, something that it very exceeded in the limit of the tolerable one was shown in the Net Globe (logically) has few days.

We make reference to reference the new propaganda of the Ita bank, where it shows a series of employees of institution singing, unisonous, the song Imagines, of the master John Lennon. Few televising propagandas had obtained to reach a so salient degree of incoherence as this. The song is a louvor shout the peace, the equality, the fraternity between the men. The letter in suggests a society economically to them joust where the property, the greed, the hunger, the money, the same religion inexists or the borders. Finally, Lennon makes in them to imagine in a radically antagonistic reality to that we are confined. How can a banking institution, representative principle of a barbarous, desumano and atrocious capitalism, to use itself of an anarchic text song to make advertising of its services? Is conceivable a bank, as the Ita, that all trimester surpasses invoicing records, to use that it is very far from its ideology, or, better, that its extension goes of meeting with it in all? The financial institutions are the symbol biggest of the capitalism to dspar that we live deeply. They represent, in its fullness, exactly the opposite of what the song of Lennon indicates in them.

Probably something exists to subliminar in the propaganda of the Ita, a time that the song speaks on a society without money. In fact it is this that the Ita and other banks have sponsored with its excessive interests: a society really without money. Fernando Grecco is contributor of the Leaf of Votorantim.

Great Magrebe

Such politics comes of the strong certainty of Morocco and its strong commitment with the construction of the Great Magrebe, fortified thanks to the relations fraternas of rabo-Islamic solidarity, of African unifcao of the diversification of the relations of cooperation and partnership with Euro-mediterranean neighboring countries and of the remaining portion of the world. In the mat of its envolvement in the process of the construction of its model of modern society, democratic and joined, Morocco it had that to strengthen these strategical choices by means of one external politics that capitalizes the developments that knew the Kingdom in a global context and partner-econmco of change. The reforms undertaken for the king Mohammed VI, widely acclaimed by some Arab and European heads of State show that Morocco are a model in its Arab and African environment. Saara: the promotion of the human rights and the development. marks of a vision clear politics In convergence with the principles of the external politics promoted by Its Majesty the King, Morocco are pledged to clarify the international community on its justice cause of the Saara, integrant part of the domestic territory as it evidences the existing historical bows of allegiance during centuries between the sarauis tribes and some sovereigns of the Kingdom. The ample international support that supports the Moroccan initiative of autonomy for the Saara, considered as a solution serious, credvel and realistic politics, translating the relevance of the boarding of the King in establishing one transparent politics, with bases in the respect of the culture of the human rights, in accord with the ideals defended for the international community. This community did not stop to greet the efforts and the reforms undertaken for the Kingdom in support its pioneering and modernista orientation capable to find a solution for question of the Saara, that already lasted much time. In the picture of this politics clarividente of the King, Morocco continues to encourage the other parts to answer positively to the apelos of the Advice of Security to become involved itself decidedly in the search of a solution for this conflict bred artificially, having as resolution base the Moroccan initiative of autonomy that respects the territorial sovereignty of the Kingdom.