How Mail Servers

As E-Mails to the recipients not already once asked arrive who, as emails actually achieve the desired goal and how to send? The E-Mail traffic is controlled not by little men in the PCs, but expires on mail server. The online portal describes the function of mail servers. User can now easily find in an appropriate forum information. Depending on the question or interest the facts be collected there and discussed. The Internet and its many possibilities have become to everyday life for most people. So it goes without saying that a large part of the daily communication via email is done. It used the various options that provide their users with E-Mail programs, sometimes unconsciously. Are users able to forward E-Mails, receive and send, an E-mail server is required.

The mail server is an interface between E-Mail programs. Without the server would be a quick and secure Communication, the users are accustomed, impossible. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Sean Rad, Los Angeles CA. Usually deal with the respective provider to this server, in some companies, there is also a server, which is then directly in the building. This inconspicuous devices guarantee the entire mail operation. Here mails are stored, received, redirected and sent. To ensure of the security of online communication, specific protection options such as anti virus programs and spam filters are installed on the servers. More information:… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

Hire Everything For Your Christmas Party

The rental Portal evRent presents great ideas for Christmas enjoy a Merry Christmas. In the subject area, guests can find great ideas and rental items for a successful Christmas party Christmas party on Surprise your loved ones with a rental costume dressed as Santa Claus or delight the guests of your Christmas celebration with unusual Christmas decoration that you can rent directly on A special highlight: Straight effect snow, which also evRent can be rented via the online rental Portal provide White Christmas at temperatures above zero. Also the Christmas celebration in the company should be planned well in advance. There are only a few weeks until the season of advent begins.

Therefore, it is recommended to make the necessary preparations for the Christmas celebration in the company already. On you will find a wide range of important, useful and unusual rental items, as well as many interesting tips for the Christmas party: White Christmas also guarantees snow at 10 degrees above zero? No problem with the snow effect can rent guns, on evRent, have White Christmas, anyway. These snow guns transform the environment both inside and outside in a beautiful winter landscape. Santa Claus at home make you children or colleagues on the corporate event a joy and dress up as Santa Claus. As such costumes are usually not cheap and use usually only once per year are renting a costume of a good alternative to buying is. Give gifts and joy dressed as Santa Claus at your Christmas party. Game & fun to your Christmas party make your Christmas celebration to an experience with one of many Christmas game modules. Feel like in the winter vacation when you Jet down the slope on a snowboard Simulator or have you ever ridden on a reindeer? Reindeer Rodeo makes it possible!

StudentSN Named To The Top25 Startups In Europe

Student service network from Berlin November 30, 2009 were convinced the European Techtour Berlin, on 18 November on the Web & mobility Summit”awarded the Top25 startups in Europe. The Summit is organized by the European Tech Tour Association and selects each year by a chosen jury, consisting of leading venture capital firms and business angels, the 25 aufstrebendsten and most promising high-tech companies. Among the selection criteria: uniqueness of technology, business model and implementation potential, the vision, quality of management, as well as their achievements and experiences. The winner could claim in advance against 400 competitors and thus were given opportunity to get quite a few potential investors of the European stage, their business models, to interact and socialize. To the chosen, the social service network may include from Germany. Dunkin’ Donuts addresses the importance of the matter here.

Co-founder and Managing Director, Ibrahim Tarlig, gratefully accepted the award: The combination of social network, our different and valuable services and own payment infrastructure was recorded praising. We are pleased that more and more realize our potential and the added value of services and assist us.”studentSN has as one of the few networks its own virtual currency system, called credits. Whether for several 100,000 documents in the online library, students acquire the useful additional services against small amounts the Web2Mobile SMS service or the apps store with various entertaining applications for mobile phones without subscription and monthly rental charges. An SMS around the world only five cents. The credits can freely on its own account load user and transmitted also to fellow students, friends and acquaintances. About studentSN the students service was Ugur Tarlig in July 2007 by Ibrahim Tarlig, and Samet Aras in life launched and has its headquarters in Berlin. More than 600,000 students, graduates and students benefit already from the practical and affordable services. Networking, planning and organisation via information exchange, sending SMS via Web2Mobile service for 5 cents after Europe, uploading and downloading of documents in the online library and download of mobile games: studentSN served the needs of young people with no subscription or contract obligation and creates genuine added value in State of the art Web 2.0 style.

Satrapigrafix Makes Graphic Design For Top Chef

Satrapigrafix, the Design Studio from Stuttgart, has the RTL2 chef Mike of sweet a professional Web page created for earlier this year so far very successful Austrian homepage by Mike of sweet, the chef from the RTL went II of cookery pros team, online. The design has been completely manufactured by the renowned design studio Satrapigrafix ( “It was a task that we have mastered well. “We had a clear line that we have followed, in order to make a suitable home page for Mike of sweet”, so Managing Director Shadi Satrapi. For even more details, read what Nokia says on the issue. “The implementation was easy sweet us for the good cooperation with Mike”, she adds.

The home page consists of several pages including videos, photos and galleries, looks tidy is very consistent and clear. The core competencies of Satrapigrafix, headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany, are in the Web design and graphic design. “We are naturally proud of our work and are delighted that Mike of sweet is very satisfied with our graphic design,” adds Mrs Satrapi still added. The Stuttgart-based design office was often awarded Awards, for example, the design award of the Federal Republic of Germany and the iF communication design award. Furthermore, Satrapigrafix attracted many large companies such as ESPRIT and edc. Graphic design plays an important role nowadays it is enough for many companies and their customers not only a home page to have. It is also appealing to designed, easy to navigate and be content clearly designed. With the right Web design, you can better attract its clientele and better benefit.

“We’ve chosen Stuttgart as a location for several reasons. This industry is, on the other hand, we have the feeling that the demand and the demand for good design are very high”, as Ms. Satrapi. The Baden-Wurttemberg capital Stuttgart is considered one of the most important industrial sites in Europe and is therefore a wide circle of potential customers for Web and graphic designers of all kinds there. During business hours, which are companies more on their corporate identity and your brand image focus, most of them in the meantime also on a professional presence of Web set to position themselves optimally. Company Description graphic and Web design in Stuttgart searched? Satrapigrafix is a creative and design team that is characterized by compelling concepts and award-winning design. Company contact: satrapigrafix webdesign? art Shadi Satrapi roten forest 60 70197 Stuttgart phone: 0711/25262666 E-Mail: Web: PR contact: erste Seite Internet Marketing GmbH Timo Samaha Tubinger Strasse 6 70178 Stuttgart Tel: 0711-12 89 69 60 E-Mail: Web:

Extortion Letters

legodo ag has to developed a Web tool for living and entertaining releases extortion letters about social networks, emails and Twitter sent Karlsruhe, April 18, 2012 – hardly raises a big and strong emotion attention like ransom letters. This effect the site utilizes of legodo ag, to initiate a colourful and lively communication. Furthermore, anyone can create his individual messages which individual letters that look as if they were cut out of newspapers. These messages styled as extortion letters can be sent either via Facebook or traditional mail. The idea is that one charming and witty shares with his concerns in a visually startling form”, explains Dusan Saric, Marketing Director at the communications specialist legodo, the purpose. Through this portal, anybody can post short and very effective a message his friends, family or colleagues, but also companies.” It is crucial to not only the appearance of this Message, but even more by the sender himself created content. The character of a blackmail letter raises first once spontaneously a negative expectation, which however will be immediately lifted through a humorous held message and a little experience making the communication.” The use of the online tools is very simple, because the individual steps are applied very intuitive and also vividly demonstrates.

While the user in a text box enters first his message, which is then optically converted in the special Buchstabenstyle of extortion letters. Based on a preview window, he sees his crafted result, can make corrections but still. Alternatively, there is a collection of pre-made messages for very different topics. Then, he must choose only his communication channel by clicking on the corresponding button. Then the user, for example, in the usual surfaces of each social network can post his extortion letter on his own wall or on those of his friends.

Who instead by E-Mail communicates, needs only a simple form to fill out, send the fun message directly to any of the recipients. The message saying can be send via Twitter. After the start-up phase, the website will publish in the future a regular ranking the best extortion letters. Some competition for the better ideas in the communication can’t hurt. I wonder who decides the race to the most charming message for himself”, wants to inspire the user Sabba. About legodo ag legodo developed software for relevant customer communication to the quick and easy production of written correspondence. With the legodo solution, it is possible, for the first time, in the right context at the right time for relevant customer communication to insert all the processes and data from existing systems. Customers include companies such as Deutsche Telekom, Swisscom, RWE and Integralis.


Fundamentals and fundamental analysis project launched new online project for fundamental analysis of listed companies and their stocks. Fiscal years 2011 and 2012 DAX shares already analyzed. Industry and sector comparisons possible. Open Forum for users of fundamental analysis. BB MediNet solutions launches Internet project, a Web site around the theme of fundamental data and fundamental data analysis of listed companies and their stocks. To start providing all DAX values are registered and whose fiscal years 2011 and 2012 can fundamentally be analyzed. In addition to an overview of important data from the balance sheets, income statements and cash flow statement such as sales, EBIT, EBT, profit, assets, debt, equity, cash flow, etc., then many important fundamental indicators are calculated. Click music downloads to learn more. So, the year-end figures, net debt, debt-equity ratio, equity ratio, return on equity, cash flow revenue earnings rate and dividend can be analyzed.

In addition to Share price-based metrics such as p/e ratio, KCV, KBV and PSR are considered. All this information is available per share available. Through a classification of stocks in various industries and sectors the possibility several shares of an industry or a sector, to compare and analyze their fundamental data. So questions can be for an industry to the lowest p/e ratio stocks, answer KBV or produce, as well as calculate averages. Thus, offers many different information, figures and calculations that may be supportive of fundamental analysis. Calculating key figures using calculators, as well as finding out the key values from the balance sheets, profit and loss statements, as well as the cash flow statements will be easier with Click on the appropriate stock and all indicators are visible.

IM new to, related forum can chat friends of fundamental analysis with each other, introduce their own indicators, individual shares analyse and discuss, Exchange stock tips and much more. A registration and use of the Forum, as well as of the entire project is completely free of charge until further notice. For the coming months has set the goal to expand the number of shares. The values from the MDAX to include SDAX and TecDAX, as well as to calculate their fundamentals are planned. In addition, figures and data from the individual quarterly reports will appear next to the numbers from the annual reports with. So you can meet also statements about changes between the individual quarters, margin changes u.v.m. Contact: BB MediNet solutions Frank Bergmann settlers str. 15f D-01855 Sebnitz Mobile: 0171/2193628