Inner Life

It was looking for a precise phrase on hatred and I found this that is of anonymous ” Hatred makes more damage to the one it feels than it that to which genera”. The truth that is right much, because that negative feeling, only harms to you, because to the person that you never hate it has found out lives happy on the life, while you sink in that feeling and you do not obtain inner La Paz and that is reflected in your form to see the life you see, it of negative way and the things do not leave as you want. To hate some fact or some person is form to hate us same, if you have east ingrained feeling, that brings bad memories to you and only distresses, is little probable that you can improve the self-esteem. You do not continue loading that so heavy cross that it does not let to you advance in the life. It discovers like taking the hatred of your mind and improving your quality of life. It has not passed you that when you want to make something new, to change some negative habit or any thing that brings well-being to your life, come to your memories the bad things that happened to you, your bad relation of pair, the calls of attention of your parents, the disqualification of your friendly those memories although you do not create it are what they do not let to you advance. It is necessary that you free yourself of all those negative emotional loads and to manage to pardon to which they did damage to you. This form leaves from the past and if you do not pardon, you do not evolve..