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Play your friends and family using sms jokes, this is an excellent way to approve of people around the belief that you are a person with a wonderful sense of humor. To help you achieve this, we are pleased to present to Review your unique collection of sms jokes and funny sms messages from sending an anonymous function, which you can freely install it on your cell phone. Collection of sms jokes is a Java-based application compatible with all models of mobile phones. Thanks to this collection sms jokes you can have fun playing your friends and girlfriends, colleagues and superiors, suddenly sending them an amazing sms jokes incognito. You take a lot of fun ourselves and others! Mobile Nonsense Congratulations! Your profile successfully razmeschenana site! Ochenbystro you find your blue mate! Administration – ***** Thanks for woman we deliver to you tomorrow 15.45Ero office ***** "You have violated paragraph 26 of Article 3Ustava our .Pri repeated violation budeteisklyucheny you among our subscribers, all of your numbers budutzablokirovany. mts office. " ***** – Call to some number: – Hello, this is you suffer from .My called to warn you that after 1 hour will be turned off hot and cold water in connection with an emergency situation for about 6 days, so we ask you to avoid further confusion to get more water in the pans, basins, and do not forget the bath – Thank you for warning .- Yes, we all ring up (call back in half an hour): – Hello, You typed in the bath water? – Yes – Now go and Apply the boats! ***** – A good joke on the phone (for people with voice mail): Call any number of noodle, but as soon as it will remove the tube, turn on the answering machine, or if you do not, then start saying: 'Hello, you talking to an answering machine, unfortunately, at this point no one can pick up the phone ' i.t.d, i.t.p.Effekt guaranteed. ***** – Call (must be a woman's voice) to a friend when he was not home and say: – Hello, Vasya possible to phone? – he was not there .- Ah, well, tell him that I did not agree on abortion! ***** – Call any number: – Hello! Call, please, Major Ivanov? – This apartment .- Yes, I know that is not a barracks. And to you did a search had not yet come? – No .- Well come, let the Major call back in office!.