Real Estate Registry

The main government agency conducting: Control the order of registration of real estate located in the , setting them on the record, make changes to any type of property or Land – Real Estate Cadastre is the Czech Republic. All foreigners residing in Czech Republic or who are planning to move there with the status of residence, in a certain period of their registration or activities in the Czech Republic to face with the services provided by the real estate cadastre. When placing a package of documents for submission to the consulate the Czech foreign citizen must necessarily order to show the document (lease) of real estate to stay in the Czech Republic. By the lease is applied to extract specified in the contract of property addresses with the data location, data owner and data of all previous owners, full of information objects for re-registration, participation of the owner in mortgage lending or judicial proceedings, the exact size, type of structure of the object. Simply put, this document states the entire history of the property, which is completely open and available for use. Each property has an inner cadastral number (list vlastnictvi). One of the main points analysis and search for property by a foreign national in the Czech Republic should become a point – check on the legal purity of the selected property. This mainly concerns the secondary real estate market. Demand for his agent, conducting the search for real estate relevant extract from the cadastre of real estate.