Volume XI No Nelson GA

If DNA is not properly constituted, the performance is poor or nil, "said Gary Neilson, senior vice president of Booz Allen Hamilton consulting Neilson, is a Harvard graduate with a lifelong career at Booz Allen, said that it is therefore necessary to identify the DNA of every company before taking the next step. "Well, in search of change may be making things worse, unless you understand what's the point of that is starting," he warns. And which of these four components of DNA is the most important? According to Neilson, decision making, but it is also essential that the four elements work together. In the case of the Venezuelan company that is very valid, given that there is little participative management, who can actually use an empowerment to invite members of the company make decisions, all due to factors not yet been possible to correct such as: developing good organizational culture, training and development, confidence, fear, jealousy, managers motivated, inspired, creative. In addition, there is also little use of motivation, their scope, impact, much of this product, management ignorance of how to give way to stimuli that generate participation, creativity, productivity.

The fact that little attention management pays to know the motivations adequately manage resources, especially by the apathy of the workers in the proper discharge of their duties. Arizaga, reminds us also to be considered, that companies with patient DNA should aspire to become an organization with a healthy profile. And the profile that had focused its efforts is strong. Companies with this gene are defined as flexible, adaptable and have an organizational model where everyone knows what you're doing and, especially, get things done. Examples of these businesses, according to Neilson, are FedEx, Procter & Gamble and Nissan. Finally, there Diaz and Pulido, do not forget, by the application of the Organizational DNA has been found that most companies can be classified into seven types of organizations: The organization passive-aggressive, distrustful organization, the organization immature ; superdirigidas organization, the organization just in time, the military organization, the organization strong. Definitely identified the authors say, keep in mind: Changing the DNA of a company means changing the organization at all levels, to enable it to adapt and corrected it more robust with time. * Debates IESA 3.2006 Volume XI No Nelson GA and BA Pasternak (2003). Results, New York, Crown Business