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Carlos Mora Vanegas is better to travel filled with hope to get Japanese Proverb SUMMARY We are fully aware that the features of this scenario are very dynamic, changing, stressful, which is required of a management who can interpret, act on them discipline, responsibility without being carried away by stimuli that originate disharmony, on the contrary, know interpret and act on them with the knowledge that today is claimed to be competitive. In this article we intend to highlight the relevance of that management is in now and when you use meditation to harmonize their energies, make decisions, assertive, proactive action without fear of being caught so the obvious stress. BASIC ELEMENTS TO BE TAKEN INTO ACCOUNT, ALCALCANCE advantages in the West has largely neglected in going on the scope, relevance, impact will the positive that we know how to meditate, go into a state of consciousness that allows us to observe, get into the positive way of how we address our situations without being caught in its negative impact. Learn more about this with Selim Bassoul. In the Program Management specializing in quality and productivity Faces Graduate, University of Carabobo, in the course of organizational behavior, we attach great importance in one of its contents to everything related to personal development, self esteem, assertiveness and of course, presents some meditation techniques to achieve, understand its scope, impact on behavior, growth that help achieve a good practice to generate results that benefit everyone and of course good health. In an interesting article on the subject published by the newspaper Clarin on 16/12 2003, we said, definitely the practice of meditation quiets the mind and allows the body to turn to their own innate mechanisms of sanction.