The Other

The truth, that to the extent that we delve into ourselves, in a self-analysis of our behavior, we evaluate our relations, as we manage our emotions, we are acquiring more domain of how to manage our emotional energy loads and go us realizing clearly why we are jealous, why not know how to handle the situation and this do so. invites us to consider some reasons for what we are jealous to know: 1. lack of confidence in one’s self: insecure people often don’t feel worthy of the love of your partner and this leads them to distrust the sincerity and affection of the other. They are always thinking that at any moment your partner can meet someone more attractive and are afraid to discover how little that is actually worth. 2.

Family experiences: is likely that a person who has witnessed scenes of jealousy their parents have more predisposition to be jealous than other whose parents felt safe from the other. 3 Experiences: people who have been betrayed once by someone in whom trust is more likely to subsequently develop a jealous personality. 4. Psychological disorders: paranoid, narcissistic personalities and histrionic have a great tendency to distrust of others and therefore continuously to develop a celotipia. It provides some suggestions to control jealousy, as: 1. avoid destructive thoughts that make the problem of jealousy from worsening and attempts to replace them with other security and trust that will help curb them. 2 Try to be more tolerant and let your space to your partner: avoids unstoppable momentum that takes you to be constantly controlling and asking about what does and with whom. 3 Comments what you think to some trusted friend and ask for advice.

Don’t forget to hide the suffering and deny it makes increasingly enhanced advice and points of view of other people help to analyze what happens us objectively and to find solutions that perhaps we are not had taken place. 4. Think about what you think and try to clarify your ideas. This will help to expose feelings with sincerity, to discover the fears, needs, etc. And once detected the problem try to put all means available to solve them. 5 Avoid using threats, speak clearly of what you think, not blinded with rage and try to find solutions to the problem. 6. Avoid blame someone for what happens. Try to be responsible for what it feels like and not forget that our actions depend on one, and we are the only person who can change our behavior to what is this feeling. 7 Avoid being tragic in taking jealousy: strive to appreciate them as a symptom of true love and prevent them when they alter and become harmful.