The sex (one of the most important aspects), the name and the fetais movements of the baby are preponderant in the creation of this imaginary baby gifts in the unconscious one of the parents. The imagined body allows the mother to have the dimension of that this baby is inserted in the same order human being of which it is part (AULAGNIER, 1990 idem PICCININI et al.). Today, with the advent of the obsttrica ultrassonografia, some aspects already can be known before the birth, facilitating the transistion for the real baby and diminishing possible conflicts or shocks. Follow others, such as Dollar General, and add to your knowledge base. As Spitz (1994 subidem PICCININI et al.), if this representation of the imaginary baby not to occur, the just-been born one does not survive or in case that it survives, it will be able to have serious consequences in the psychic development, what it explains for the fragility of the proper human body, that to the rising is extremely dependent of cares of the other. Literature displays positive and negative repercussions on the expectation of the mother for the maternity, the psiquismo of the baby and relation between the two.

The positive repercussions are the fancies, the desire of the baby if forming as human being, to imagine the color of the eye, the face, the body, etc. Others who may share this opinion include Aldi. The negative aspects are the excess of imaginations for the baby, not obtaining to create the imaginary baby and having as consequence not the acceptance of the singularity of the baby. (BRAZELTON & CRAMER, 1992 apud PICCININI, 2004) 1.1.3. CHILDBIRTH Beyond the question of the imaginary baby, the expectation of the childbirth also appears strong in the construction of the maternity concept. According to Peterson, (1996 apud LOPES, 2005), the childbirth is not a neutral event, but a force that can help in the reformularization of the identity of the woman (from there the fact of a great majority of women not to feel itself complete in its feminilidade until the moment where it will be capable to show to the world its feminine ability to generate a being).

Bullying In The Schools

*Flvia. Regina rose *Leandro Vieira Snows ** Claude Hisses Lana bullying is characterized by aggressive, intentional and repetitive attitudes occured in the schools, the work, nasuniversidades, between diverse neighbors and in other places. This comportamentose express of varied forms, however most common is: colocarapelidos, to jeer, to beat and to discriminate the people who if find in algumestado that she expresses inferiority, physical as in such a way mental. Although it is pparently common umcomportamento, the information on the subject are scarce. This practical approximately reaches 50% of the students of noBrasil basic education, data that englobam aggressive, victims or both the parts. Pesquisasrevelaram that 5,482 pupils between 5 8 series of 11 schools of the deJaneiro River, more than 40.5% admit to have practised or to have been victims of bullying. (IBOPE, 2007). The consequences generated for bullying are observed tantono aggressor, that a violent person with delinquent attitudes becomes nasociedade, how much in the victim, who can become in psique that they are reflected in the body as depression, loss daalta-esteem and estresse.

The observed more common psicopatolgico symptom is desenvolvimentoda depression, that biochemically can be explained by the reduction of atividadedas monoamino (noradrenalina and dopamina) and of the serotonina (5-HT) in specific neural seusreceptores. The dopamina, main involved monoamine nadepresso, is responsible for the sensations of pleasure and well-being, its produoinicia when the organism suffers positive stimulatons, then after produoela is set free and acts in the dopaminrgicos receivers (sinapse), the molecules dedopamina is taken until the cerebral cortex where the sotransformados electric impulses in well-being sensation. This state of depression is sharp mainly nafase of infancy> adolescence, many excrements the occult victim the situation parapais and/or responsible, is important that the school observes the behaviors ese pronounces ahead of such situation. The conscience of the pertaining to school institutions arespeito of the existence of bullying already is a great step so that epsiclogos professors can deal with this situation of a specific form. Essecomportamento cannot be interpreted as a development phase dosalunos must be argued as to solve such problem and which are the interesting medidasmais. It is important also, that it has a work deconscientizao of parents and pupils, where is told the conseqnciasprovocadas ones for bullying, this awareness can be made to break degrupos of lectures with psychologists and educative gincanas.

Understanding Human Nature

Carnegie grandfather in the 50's of last century, pointed to most raspostronennoe delusion of all mankind, he gave an example of a maniac killer who the court did not feel than the guilty. Let's look at why this is occurs. There are so-called "protective reaction", they include a lot of psychological reaction to attack the "ego" for example, "intellectualization" We also are interested in this issue "projection." The projection means that the person distorts reality and the quality of their projects the world around them or person. He says the world is cruel, and thus justifies his cruelty, as well as its other disadvantages. Peet’s Coffee shines more light on the discussion. Next is "rationalization," he says the bad man the last scum and why should I be in something wrong. And this even though he could have done with this bad man the worst way. In conclusion, say the following with protective reactions of the ego, the man always finds a self-defense and justification. But there is one way to break this Bastille, Dale Carnegie discovered it in my opinion quite by accident.

Let's say you're with someone fell out and every one of you in something was not right (You are of course mutually consider yourself angels). But if you take the phone and type in her abuser and completely take all the veins on ourselves here and then the person will feel uncomfortable. That is defending itself in response to it he will apologize and say that he is not around he was right. If this does not happen, I would not recommend further konfrantirovat with this man, he finds reasons in 1000, he was right, as it generally happens. Sincerely yours, Krapivner Eugene.

The Panel

' ' (CALDAS, 2004. p58) Also a panel was constructed, with photos of the events and of the routine of the course of the project, leaving literally a mark accomplishes of the carried through work. In the accomplishment of the panel of photos, some had been come close, but nobody helped in the production, in the attempt to involve them in the activity, got only answers of verbal interaction, had appeared subjects on the loss of freedom in the oldness, characterized for the dependence of cares, provoked souvenirs of as if it together gave its institutionalizations with the manifest desire of privacy. On this subject our performance if gave with the objective to supply information on the aging process, arguing that this is plus a form to be in the world, stimulating to think about new objectives to give new a sensible one to the life. Jack Fusco is actively involved in the matter. (DECKER; PEAR TREE, 2009) With conclusion of panel of photos, had expressed valuation and auto refectory esteem to if to see evidenced in, place was chosen for them to show panel, perhaps because it is the place that represents confraternizao and sharing, where perhaps for a moment, or meal directly saying, is felt in a familiar environment, representing a great family.

Provoking the belonging feeling, we attribute to the positive consequences of this work the interventions happened of an equal one, another element of the group, that re-echo much more in the individual of what the activities of the proper therapist. (LOPES, BARBIERI AND GAMBALE. 2009). Finishing the project, a stroll with the aged ones was carried through in referenciais points of the city, finishing in a ice cream parlor and returning to the asylum. It can be said that this type of work favors the revision of the life and the expansion of the possibilities, auto autonomy and of accomplishment.

The Transgeracionalidade

Paravrias gestantes, the choice of the name is associated what it remembers or sends; with prominence for transgeracionais aspects, that finish appearing with escolhasde names of people who had been or are significant in the life of the mothers or docasal. The expectations how much to the temperament of the baby they had also appeared muitoligadas the transgeracionalidade, making with that many mothers express suascrenas of that baby will follow ' ' jeito' ' of one or the two genitors. (A valuable related resource: Jack Fusco). This direction, authors as Maldonado (1997), believe queo examination of extreme-sonografia tend to favor the transistion for the parentalidade, and to intensify the prenatal union between the mother and the baby, being fortified interaoentre both, making possible that the gestante if still more takes possetion of its papelde mother, developing its maternal feelings, and perceiving the next baby more reale. Secretary of Agriculture spoke with conviction. Some mothers reveal concerns in relation to the health of the baby, being that these concerns are inherent the gestation, therefore, not cessandocompletamente at no moment of this period, being that preocupaesmaternas with the health of the baby alone findam at the moment of the childbirth, when it is common agestante to question if it is all good with the baby; al ponders PICCININI et (2004). It is important to point out that this called event dematernagem only has its beginning after the pregnancy and the childbirth, in gestaobiolgica. Then, it is conceived idea that the performance of the function materna nodepende basically of the physiological functions of a woman (DUCATTI, 2004). The changes caused in the period of the gestation, do not serestringem only to the psychological aspects and biochemists, since, fatoresscio-economic also they exert and they suffer great influence in this period. However, these transformations do not cease with the childbirth, therefore, all this processoimplica in a new configuration in the relations, routines and relacionamentosfamiliares (MALDONADO, 1981). In such a way, as for the paternal envolvement, agestao, also funcionacomo a period of transistion.

The State

The knowledge started to be one augmented of interpretations of the nature and of it interprets es of interpretations. Go to WhiteWave Foods for more information. When the first sign is dissociado of the relation general semiotics, adopts a binary relation that possesss some peculiar characteristics in relation to the previous project. ) In ternary function the meaning was on to its significant one through a species of divine force, or first sign. In the ternary structure the meaning it is attributed to the significant one in function of a divine force. b) In a binary semitico system the sgnica identification is only possible from one another sign ‘ ‘ The state of things is an Object linking. ‘ ‘ Wittgeinstein, L., 39, 135 c) Appears here also the problem of? A priori? Kantiano in the function of Wittgensteiniana preposition and the problem of the referring one.

‘ ‘ The unit of the proposal is problematic: material signals if bind to present themselves what it is and what is not. Of where it comes it will be here of this bond? To study it she is necessary to tematizar the proposal as if it was an object, but this leaves of being true or false, the least in the direction where this bipolarity affects the proposal in its normal use. Nor the propositional parts can represent a situation, still are necessary to show as such parts if they relate with the Real, valley to say, as the bond mere logical-deed of division still presents situations that can be real. ‘ ‘ GIANNOTTI, J.A., 29.21. d) One another question is the problem of the referring one of the citizen. How appears this referring one? Which its without ntica? First it is needed a citizen definition. ‘ ‘ The essential one is what we are, is a product of decantation, as Freud said, of our identifications with others. With this, we want to say that all the predicates or constituent elements of the citizen depend on the language to affirm its? subjective characteristics.?

National Advice

Five schools be situated around the central area, and four in the periphery of the city. The research instrument was a questionnaire with open questions. The collected data had been analyzed of qualitative form. The cares had been taken ethical necessary, as resolution 0196/96 of the National Advice of Health. The collected data had shown that, although to be cliente of many attributions of the Pertaining to school Psychologist, the professionals of the education still understand its performance directed to the pupils who do not correspond to the desirable standard of the good pupil, held. The expectation of the same ones, in relation to the pertaining to school complaints, is of an attendance in the molds of the clinic, and the professional of psychology would be that one that, beyond detecting the problem, guides on the action forms to be adopted. The Pertaining to school Psychologist is that one that the solution withholds and somebody that participates of Inter form and not to multidiscipline.

Important attributions of this professional had not been cited, such as the participation in the elaboration, implantation, evaluation and reformularization of resumes, pedagogical projects, educational politics and in the development of new educational procedures, next to faculty and technician of the institution. It is concluded then, for the necessity of one better definition in relation to the paper of the psychologist inside of the school and the clarification regarding its action for the pertaining to school community and also for the community in general, since the image of psychology still meets atrelada to the idea of the clinic. She is necessary to rethink also the paper of pertaining to school psychology in the curricular grating of the psychology courses, being aimed at to break preconceptions in relation to the area, to stimulate more studies consequentemente and a bigger performance of the professional in the education. Pupils of the Course of Psychology of ILES/ULBRA of Itumbiara? GO Teacher ILES/ULBRA of Itumbiara-GO

Parenting Tips

– Parents need to be an authority for their children. Today, parents seem to have trouble finding ways to discipline on the one hand, they feel guilty when our attention, and on the other, offset by a lot of material things to feel happy. The discipline, boundaries and authority of the fathers upon the children is not negotiable. There are several ways to establish this form of authority. Some parents show their authority with rigidity and are not able to be flexible and tolerant of situations and circumstances. Others are too lax, and are unable to correct, discipline and establish specific and clear limits. There are other parents who oscillate between the two styles, some sometimes become rigid, and other, totally lax.

IT IS IMPORTANT that reflect in their forms and ways of establishing authority with their children, thus, perhaps, may “realize” that it is what it is working and what is not in your relationship with them. No relationship is so significant and important as this wonderful and great value for parents with children. However, the nature of the image, now becomes contentious and full of disappointment. How is it possible, what that guy, which I live and sleeplessness, work will become as irrelevant to me, well I unleashed the most sublime feelings and sensations, and the most unpleasant as well. In a way we can deal more with those aspects of our children that make us feel comforted, proud, good parents, but when unleashed feelings such as anger, frustration, helplessness, envy, the claim, then we do not like both …

The Womanly Image

Which only tricks are not women: the radically change his image, even go to fortune-tellers, waiting for the object of adoration in front of his home. But even after the object of adoration is a girl's legs, the girls still do not cease to worry and think about how it applies to it for a long time whether they will meet, what awaits them in the future – such thoughts really torture them. 'Did I win the heart of young men for life? " – Experiencing a young lady. 'Will not affect whether an affair with a man older than me for me know? " – Immediately arises in her mind is another question. Do not assume that these thoughts are typical only too exciting ladies.

Being able to lover, everyone starts to present itself to the various requests and worry over every detail. Case that, in love, we open ourselves to another person, previously almost unknown, and therefore makes a few helpless to influence of external factors, as well as sensitive, vulnerable. Very pleased that at present there appeared a considerable number of periodicals and Internet sites on which knowledgeable psychologist helps girls escape from their experiences. Such a resource for women provides an opportunity not only to obtain counseling professionals, but also to share thoughts with your friends, but also helps the disappearance of excitement and anxiety. Due to the fact that girls are often unable to find understanding among men, but their enthusiasm seems to men boring and not worth wasting time, so common now bought women's magazines, which can be purchased at any store. Such media can not only distract from the constant challenges, but also find answers to many questions relating to health, relationships with lovers, makeup, fashion and parenting. But not every woman can afford each week to buy fresh issue of your favorite magazine, as if she did not want be aware of all the latest trends in fashion, find new recipes, see the next catalog of cosmetics. For these women will be a great outlet for women portals are increasingly appearing on the Internet. Such portals can not only find the information you need, but also find new friends, and also ask questions of professionals in the field of psychology, family relations, women's health.

Now Girl

The struggle for power in the Russian family – the most frequent. Parenting and sexual behavior – the most convenient for this sphere of family life. The easiest way to improve their status and gain short-term sedation – is to discredit the efforts of partners. And then, suddenly, in yesterday was fairly calm family begin to unfold, "military action" and if the partners did not say during a "stop", "what am I doing?", Then result could be dire. Here is a typical example. The family lived a grandmother, mother, father and two girls.

Older than 19 years younger – 10 years. Grandmother – a woman active, and when the first girl grew up, she has worked with her learned that not prevent girls from learning bad. Mama always told my grandmother that is wrong she does with her elder granddaughter, a girl gets a bad mark. When a second girl came into school age, my grandmother told my mother: 'Well, Now you yourself will deal with your child, see how you could do. " The younger girl, who was very fond, and his mother and his grandmother was in a situation of conflict of loyalties.

If she will learn good – it means grandma lost if she will learn bad – means mother lost. The girl stopped to learn all the lessons and the school did not truant. When my mother sat down to teach her lessons, the girl has panic attacks. Second, "if you'll love is something I'm standing.