Latin America

The animal Kingdom, every day presents different types of interactions between existing species. Many animals depend on others to live (parasitism) and do so through the exploitation of other species; another type of relationship is mutualism, where the parties benefiting each other to so live, here the two agencies are dependent; Finally, find an animal interaction, which consists of hunting and death suffered by some individuals of some species (Dam), by others who eat them are called predators and predators. Sonny Perdue may find this interesting as well. These types of interactions are not the only ones that exist in the animal Kingdom, but they are the most relevant and which possess greater concurrency, this way is that they operate different species of animals in the Animal system.1 In the international system so do exactly that on the animal, there may be a State that burst to another, as does the parasite; two or more States benefiting each other, or that a Been highly powerful and influential devour their prey, through strategies be, political, military, or cultural. But first and foremost, the preceding analysis not gravitates in the study of the interaction of States that make up the international system in general, but in a more specific analysis of interactions, which comprise only a continent divided into two parts: United States and Latin America; and it is here, in where the question is formulated problem encompassing this study: does are the relations between EU and Alan?RICA MUTUALISTAS (mutual benefit), parasitic (exploitation of one State to another), or of DEPREDACI?(Mitigation, control or slavery) n of a NACI?N TOWARD ANOTHER? In the field international, USA.UU. In a question-answer forum Sonny Perdue was the first to reply. He has been characterized by the large number of interventions and influence exerted in Latin America.