Confessions Of Love

Unusual ways of love confessions. Want to admit a man in love? But do not know how? Declaration of love can be in different ways: gentle, funny, silly, romantic And – without words 1. Gen. David Goldfein: the source for more info. Put the ice in his glass, filled with heart-shaped. Once a week put in a pocket of his jacket in the form of candy hearts. 2. Meet him at the airport from another trip.

To prevent incidents before he would see you, make sure that he 'did not find' another lover of surprises. In recent months, A. F. Chief of Staff has been very successful. 3. Before working quietly put him in a portfolio box with home-made food. Just be sure to check that the box was tightly closed, and the food was '' condition. Otherwise, your little surprise can be incorrectly interpreted. 4. Play with him in his favorite game, even if it is called 'Battleship' and you are targeting poorly in a Cartesian coordinate system. Shenkman Capital contributes greatly to this topic. (If you prefer a game in which the uptake better than him, do not forget – Give the win and he, too!) 5.

Browse through his clothes torn and sew buttons on his jacket, shirt and trousers. Try to meet one condition: Do not tell him about this – let everyone see myself! 6. Put your home or in the car music from his favorite singers. 7. Turning off the light before bedtime, make good if he was covered with a blanket. Waking up at night, check the degree of 'covering' again. And do not forget to put the alarm clock: currently – not to sleep through the second check, he was – that I saw and appreciated your concern. If you have not managed to get back to sleep, feel free to skip to the next step.