How To Buy A Suit And Remained Faithful To The Standards Office

The office staff is always judged by their looks. Psychologists say that a person has the opportunity to make a good impression in the first 30 seconds. For such a short period only thing you can catch – it's appearance. Women have an advantage over men. Business style allows for some liberties are in the clothing, the man is supposed to be a model of classical restraint and elegance. About me in a suit said first color.

Blue is accompanied by the professionalism, leadership, authoritarian style of management. Gray is associated with conservatism, self-esteem. Black dress made to wear on special cases, and blue – is universal, and gray suit for everyday use. Deciding to buy a suit, do not discard the rules of etiquette. The main rule – the clothes must suit the situation.

When choosing a suit, try on the most expensive model. If it fits, try to find cheaper counterparts. You should not buy a jacket that pulls or wrinkles at the shoulders. Complexion of a person depends on that of the range of shops can be measured, and what did not touch. A tall man is recommended to focus on the cellular fleecy fabrics, large suit costumes made of smooth fabrics with narrow vertical stripes. Expensive clothes will last longer and looks much better than. Well-known brands, such as paying attention to the material not only products, but also the internal fittings. The most expensive fabric is wool. Price depends on the thickness of the threads, as well as the coefficient of torsion of the thread. This concept represents the distance in kilometers thread, which goes on manufacture of 1 kg of wool. The most popular thread by a factor of 110'S -120 'S. Comfort owner provides viscose lining, which is not electrified at contact with the hair. Unknown and cheap brands often point to the reality does not match the quality of the material, giving the usual cut suits for prestigious. About the true state of affairs will tell factory label with the mark of the degree of torsion. If the store you can buy a shirt for the ridiculous price, and quality of the costume should be put under doubt. No matter how expensive suit was, at the owner he would look good subject to experience the convenience and comfort. When a thing is chosen correctly, the person moves freely, smoothly and keeps your back is not bound to hand gestures.