Daily Alienation

The daily alienation. A miscellany of administrative miseries enters little and the case of the authorities, the Brazilian education faces an politician-ideological chaos, much in virtue of a sphere neoliberal politics with adjustments ' ' draconianos' ' , limiting the critical capacity of of the pupils and masters whom if they see tilted for discrepancies that go since me the formation of the professors the most complete lacks of severity in applications of measures to discipline the rebellious pupils. The structural plan of morbidez and a fraction of deficient estudantil classroom that passes the Brazilian public education in them sends to the following questioning; To who it fits the guilt for this I afflict that students and professors have that to digladiarem themselves daily? To a governmental system ideologically camouflaged in a socialist speech and syndicalistic reactionary, lost in some link between the bipolar world, or in the explosion ' ' malthusiana' ' of the Brazilian population in years 70, 80 and 90, come thus to the edge to the lack of a management state that it can prevent and control the highest taxes of natality of the great cities of our Brazil. Andi Potamkin contributes greatly to this topic. In virtue of this, we must point out that the growth of the thousands of private superior educational establishments, in the last few decades, being distinguished in this point the licenciaturas where the candidate and future ' ' profissional' ' in its good parcel they do not have the minimum of prerequisite for I came to exert its function, and enxerga this aspect a chance of social growth, however if not mattering in awaking the critical spirit of its pupils not having an adjusted formation to usufruct of its graduation. Mediocre Brazilian and hypocritical education. For behind of a demagogy broken up in social equality and of economic ascension partner, a breeding of eschatological theories of a State is hidden mechanist and repressor, that take to a inigualvel amplitude of the tecnicismo for the classrooms forming archetypes of a coletivista ignorance that encloses our current society, despertando the anger of educators pupils, increasing the permanent climate of hostilities in the pertaining to school life.

Parents Grandmothers

New responsibilities are conferred to the grandmothers, demanding of these financial aid to the grandsons or even though to the children, the care with the education, amongst others. The relation between grandmothers and grandsons defined until middle of the years of 1970 was characterized with frenquentes and even though daily contacts, however inhabiting in distinct places so that they made responsible for the grandsons without having that to impose them the rules of she disciplines as they made it to the parents; they could please to them, satisfy the wills to them or even though to mimar them. Later, the grandsons returned for house and the parents were in charge educating them and imposing the norms. If he cannot affirm that this relation left to exist. However, for explicitados factors already, have occurred changes in the familiar structure causing for the grandmothers the performance of functions of the parents.

Beyond the separations, resettings and the monoparentabilidade; the poverty, the unemployment, the growth of the social inaquality, the scarcity of public and social politics has taken the family to set in motion its members that are in better conditions to supply lack of that they are living in minimum conditions. The poverty, the unemployment, the increase of the social inaquality, the insufficience of the public and social politics can have led to the increase of its contribution in the familiar net. The precarious condition where the grandsons live tends to mobilize them in the direction of giving attendance to them. The grandmothers cuidadores, with its little retirement, look for to help in the difficulties of the family. (VITALE, 2007, p.96). The net of social protection of the members of the family is activated for the survival of these. The support given to the generations new, exactly that little, is an excellent strategy front to the expressions of the social matter. The grandmothers possess fixed incomes, retirements, pensions or benefits and are with these incomes that give the support to the children and to the grandsons, help this that contributes for not the esfacelamento of the family.