Traffic Inspector

Just the possibility of appointing the total rate for the group of users (necessary, since using different tariffs for access to the Internet). The program allows you to have unlimited calling plans, you can set the pre-paid traffic, and make allowances for the different types of traffic by linking it to the schedule and dates. Also there is a the possibility of tariff and time of the client, as every minute of real time work, and appoint for daily fee. It is possible to filter unwanted content – banners, as well as off, according to necessary graphics and multimedia. To achieve efficient operation of customer provided an opportunity through an agent to switch modes of content filtering, ie here the problem lies with the economy of the traffic itself user.

For example, for reading mail is not necessarily view all banners, pictures and flash-animation, so you can disable unnecessary pressing hotkeys. Switching between filters by rather quickly. To save on mail traffic is filtered messages for 'black' lists, check the address and sender domain. There is a mechanism for protection against spam. Introduced the ability to lock a client in the exhaustion limit the number of records network statistics.

This measure can effectively detect anomalous network activity of client (for example, of "worms") and lock it to prevent network congestion, server and channel connecting to the Internet. Traffic Inspector has a simple but effective means of network protection – built-in firewall (firewall). Integrated anti-virus has not been used as anti-virus protection is already configured, but if the built-in antivirus works just as well as the entire product, users can forget about viruses from the Internet. Using the software Traffic Inspector has brought calm and confidence in the reliability of Internet billing. Over the past year working with program is not noticed any problems, both from clients and from my side (the administrator). I've got it wishes on the specificity of some reports and configure additional parameters such as the release of new version, which I was completely satisfied. Once the developers manage to learn before we do that we need! Huge thanks to the developers of the program. I work in an organization dedicated to strengthening software on corporate networks (both new and long-running). For each organization, we recommend you use the Traffic Inspector, explaining that it will reduce the accounting problems and configure Internet traffic, and simplify support users of this organization. With allowance for the cost of the program, a certificate context, many questions regarding the quality and stability of the program are eliminated. I look forward to further work with your program, and I think that will be very difficult to convince me to move to another product.